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Lilian Eden

RED- Power color -active- has to do with survival- anger -a lot of energy -sexual -feisty -combative creative- stressed -hot tempered -physical -athletic -martial arts -dance

SHADES OF RED-deep red-strong-willed grounded- survival- realistic

MUDDY RED-anger, over worked, burned out/exhaustion, trauma

CLEAR RED- powerful -sensual- passionate- energetic -competitive

ORANGE RED - confident

BRIGHT PINK- sensual -artistic -sensitive-  natural healers and creative, with an inkling toward intuition and psychic abilities. 

ORANGE-creative -love of art/play - procreation -inventive - inner joy- peace - happiness- promotes fertility -new growth- comedic -funny- not serious -loves games playful, connected with others-strength in teamwork due to their ability to be relatable and sociable- highly perceptive and incredibly dynamic individuals

SHADES OF ORANGE- ORANGE YELLOW- intelligent -detail oriented- scientific -perfectionist -creative

BROWNISH ORANGE- low level of ambition- lazy or repressed emotions, addictions, trouble committing to relationships

YELLOW-represents spleen and life energy-easy-going -loves outdoors- strong willed- sensitive/feeling - gut instinct area -fire in the belly- sense of great timing -poetic - deep- loves to travel- analytical -quick mind, self esteem/worth, personal power, natural born leaders, highly intelligent, motivates others

SHADES OF YELLOW -pale yellow -psychic -spiritual awareness -optimism- hopefulness -positivity-

BRIGHT YELLOW- fear of losing control -respect- power struggles and control -personally and in business

CLEAR METALLIC GOLD- spiritually activated- inspirational- awakening

DARK MUDDY YELLOW GOLD0 fatigue- stress from studying -worry- trying to learn or do everything all at once, reversing self esteem/worth, critical of others, problem with stomach area 

GREEN-represents heart and lungs-love and healing -great communicator with /through intuition and feelings- humanitarian -connected to the flow of life -love of nature -trust -open- love of music-unconditional love and a life force energy that is sensed by all beings that come into their presence-most balanced people in the entire color spectrum, easily giving equal attention to their own creative goals and to the people they love. They have a sense of responsibility and service to others, and are very self assertive-green aura is one that bridges the spiritual and physical worlds

EMERALD GREEN- healer or healing

YELLOW GREEN- creative communicator -heartfelt- down-to-earth

MUDDY FOREST GREEN- jealousy — blaming others -insecurity -sensitive to criticism- lacking personal responsibility/boundary - may be focusing on feelings of jealousy or envy - may be feeling like the victim and viewing comments from others as criticism.


BLUE -throat and thyroid-ruling communication and self-expression—cool -calm -collected-release -soulful feelings -sorrow -pain- tranquil -

Understanding truth -expression -expressing oneself -good communicator -introverted -intellectual-Clairaudient

SHADES OF BLUE-light blue -peacefulness- clarity- intuitive-truthful-A lighter blue aura is the mark of a person with natural psychic and intuitive gifts. They are the most caring, nurturing and protective personalities in the color-spectrum-Their life purpose is to serve - to help and love others as they live by their hearts and emotions. They are here on this planet to serve mankind, and to teach humanity that without love nothing else matters

ROYAL BLUE- clairvoyance- very spiritual -generous -opened to new opportunities- enjoy meditation and moments of solitude to reflect.

MUDDY BLUE- fear of expression and future -hard time speaking the truth

INDIGO BLUE pertains to the third eye and pituitary gland- deep feeling -intuition -sensitivity- clairvoyant

TURQUOISE-pertains to immune system-  sensitive -compassionate -healer or therapist-a person with natural gifts of communication-They feel bored when forced to concentrate on one thing and are natural multitaskers-

Excelling in empathy, individuals with turquoise in their aura have a knack for smoothing out negative situations

VIOLET-pertains to the crown -penal gland -nervous system -relates to connection to our higher consciousness-these people are dynamic, charismatic, visionary and have powerful personalities

-highly intuitive -visionary -psychic power magical -artistic-  Their task or mission in life is to lead and inspire humankind and to guide us into a new age of prosperity, happiness, and wholeness

—usually see and recognize the “bigger picture” of any situation without being bogged down with details—natural empaths, easily assessing the vibrations of others


 -visionary- insight-inventors -spiritual visionaries -psychic- clear knowing- sense of divinity -broad seeing -connected to soul’s path- receives inner guidance-direct guidance from universe and all it holds- able to see the future- higher thinking -inspired ideas- Love of rituals -creative solutions- vivid dreams  mind expansion - awake

LAVENDER -denotes vision/clear seeing-imagination- daydreamer

SILVER- spiritual and physical abundance- 

BRIGHT SILVER- money or spiritual awakening

SHADES OF SILVER- BRIGHT METALLIC SILVER- nurturing -intuitive -new ideas-inventive

MUDDY GRADE - accumulation of fear in the body- Health problems when seen in certain areas of the body

DIRTY GREY pertains to blocked energy in the body- guarded skepticism -may have health issues

GOLD-divine protection and enlightenment -receiving divine guidance and has wisdom -spiritual thinker

WHITE- reflecting other energies and protection-can signal a new energy in the aura -truth- purity angelic qualities  or in direct connection with the spirit realm- protection - healthy individual

higher state of enlightenment if bathed in white light-These extremely rare individuals are free from personal issues, hang-ups, and health problems,—white in their auras are spiritually motivated and possess an openness and receptiveness to the divine, spiritual world—their presence alone is often enough to deflect negative energy

-flashes or sparkles of white light- Angels are near


DIRTY GRAYISH WHITE- cloudy or murky - typically in the consciousness area - it can indicate the mind thinking or processing thoughts.

BRIGHT WHITE- contact with higher intelligence , mind beyond your own,  presence of angels and guides protective energy- purity- repels illnesses- creating protective boundaries- connected to other dimensions

BLACK-pertains to pulling ,capturing and transforming energy- unforgiving nature to self or others -past life problems on releasing anger- grief -mental or physical health conditions to heal from or work through

EARTH TONES -Colors of soil, wood, minerals -great grounding colors around those who work outdoors such as farming

LIGHT BROWN-learning- higher learning -studying -student

SHADES OF BROWN- DIRTY BROWN- person holding onto negative energy -insecurity -close minded greedy, self absorbed

RAINBOW - if emanating as beams of light from the hand, head or body can indicate a healer

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