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Lilian Eden's Guided Meditations and more...

(Over 100 life changing guided meditations/process' and

music/sounds for meditation )

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Title:   Healer's Tool- Balancing Chakras

guided by Lilian Eden
 A great tool for energy workers or for anyone who wishes

guidance toward aligning Chakras.  

                                                                      20 minutes. Cost: $4.99

Lilian Eden- HealersToolCHAKRABalancing.jpg

Title:   Odyssey- Letting Go Of Self Hate
Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

Give your Spirit a break, your heart a gift, your Soul a voice to speak to you directly.  Through Lilian’s guided meditation, you will be led through a journey of a different kind- through faculties long awaiting your attention.  A real  opportunity for you to come into a new meaning of Self,  your truth in this world through an authentic voice.   Make this time a time of new beginnings.  It’s always about new beginnings.
                                                                      45 minutes. Cost: $19.99

Title:   Grounding - Connecting Heaven and Earth Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden​    

Through Lilian’s grounding meditation journey, you will be using the power of intention, relaxation, visualization, feeling sense and your powerful  imagination.   Lilian uses different background sounds, changing with each journeying stage , assisting you on many energetic levels toward becoming completely grounded.  In addition, as  everyone is different and may reach a grounded state before the mp3 ends, Lilian  has provided a few different spots  where you can count yourself up to full wake state.   Allow your Spirit to guide you,  your body to move you and your mind to ground you.        

                                                                                 40 minutes. Cost: $19.99

Lilian Eden - mp3 The Opener

Title:   The Opener- Preparation and Communication With The Spirit World
Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

​           The OPENER is highly recommended for students who wish to increase their psychic abilities.  This version of communicating with the Spirit World  focuses upon preparation -giving the student a real opportunity to experience enhancement/heightening of senses needed for such communications.
All aspects of the experiencer will be attuned toward Spirit work.  
                                                         90 minutes. Cost: $24.99

Title:   New Day - Mastering Personal Power - Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

​           Give yourself the opportunity to experience yourself and your life in a brand new way.   Allowing for Lilian's powerful words toward furthering  self exploration. 

 If you have been experiencing challenges in life, maybe all your life, please give of yourself to 60 minutes which can make a tremendous difference.  It is best to set aside the entire time to gain the full effect of all messages channeled.  Lilian works to serve those who can not only use a helping hand but with those who are willing to do something today about living their best life from a place of personal power.  Enjoy your newest journey.                                                                                                                                60 minutes. Cost: $19.99

Title:   Total Relaxation in 20 Minutes -

Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

​           Become totally relaxed with 20 minutes. This mp3 is specifically designed for those individuals who can use a quick stress-release but do not have an hour to devote to such bliss. Lilian Eden gently guides you into a deep relaxation accompanied by specific soothing, calming sounds ensuring you are ready to go into a deep relaxation within 20 minutes. OM CHANTING music adds to the potent relaxing inducing guided meditation.

                                                           20 minutes. Cost: $9.99

Title:   Karmic Knot Release - Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden
​         ​                                             Lilian's newest addition involves releasing past life or this life time's Karmic influence with another- family lineage or any one relationship in this or another life time. This guided meditation is all about removing residue, a kind of glue (or energy) that has brought and held you together - physically, mentally or spiritually. Karmic release also addresses all actions toward or against you which has accumulated in this or another life time. It's about what action is set in motion and equally, the same kind of energy comes back toward you - as an example. This guided meditation are for those who have had a difficult time, much pain or any other energy causing a disruption or breakdown in life with another person or people.  You can break free of any chains that bind you. A new beginning awaits.
​                                                                                                         35 minutes. Cost: $16.99

Title:   Deep Trance State - OM (AUM) Chanting and Shamanic Drumming (Sounds for Meditation)
 A special formulation of sounds effectively working through your system to promote deep relaxation while in a meditative state. A natural formula registered toward calming the body, mind and awakening the Spirit. Whether used for Spirit Journeying or deep relaxation, it is sure to refresh, renew your energy in the most natural way. Enjoy your session :)
                                                    ​ 60minutes. Cost: $24.99

Title:   Deep Ocean Journey - Relax, Restore, Explore -
Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

Lilian guides you into another state of consciousness for the first 17 minutes followed by deep ocean/whales/dolphins sounds.  Use this amazing guided meditation to sink even deeper into your meditation practice.  For anyone who suffers from PTSD, anxiety or any other state taking you away from wellness, this is the perfect guided meditation for you.  Please note:  Headphones recommended for the full effect of the background sounds which include deep ocean sounds along with Whales/Dolphin Sounds.  Enjoy :)


                                              60minutes. Cost: $19.99

Title:   The Art of Aura Reading- A Psychic/Medium Way-  Guided Sessions With Lilian Eden
​            Aura reading for beginners!   Lilian has put together 3 unique sessions helping you, step-by-step, toward understanding the process and successfully learning how to read Auras.  This unique mp3, soon to be release on Amazon, allows you the opportunity to further understand not only what a mental medium/psychic does to prepare for this type of session but also, gives you first hand experience with your auric body.  A must have for any self development/psychic development student, and for those who wish to explore themselves and this 'world' in a different way.


                                                                        30minutes. Cost: $16.99

Title: Deep Sleep (Version 1) Affirmations For The Mind- Guided By Lilian Eden
​A powerful time awaits you through soothing, relaxing sounds, allowing you to drift away into deep sleep.  Lilian gently guides you into a deep state of calm and serenity followed by powerful life changing affirmations.  These affirmations spoken are being recorded my your subconscious mind.  Whether you drift away into sleep or maintain a deeply relaxed state, this process will imprint your mind and Spirit.  Anyone looking for a way to flow into a dream state and wish to add powerful affirmations while doing so, this is a special guided meditation made just for you. Enjoy and sweet dreaming :)


(VERSION #1) 60 minutes:  Cost: $24.99

​ ​Title:  Deep Sleep (Version 2) - Affirmations For The Mind- Guided By Lilian Eden
A powerful time awaits you through soothing, relaxing sounds, allowing you to drift away into deep sleep.  Lilian gently guides you into a deep state of calm and serenity followed by powerful life changing affirmations.  These affirmations spoken are being recorded my your subconscious mind.  Whether you drift away into sleep or maintain a deeply relaxed state, this process will imprint your mind and Spirit.  Anyone looking for a way to flow into a dream state and wish to add powerful affirmations while doing so, this is a special guided meditation made just for you. Enjoy and sweet dreaming - 

(VERSION #2) 60 minutes  Cost: $24.99

Title:  (Verison 1)

Exploration of Mind Body and Space- Be Here Now -Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden
(Voice Only)

A great short guided meditation by Lilian for anyone who suffers from anxiety, PTSD, over thinking , fear or paranoia or addictions.  In addition, Lilian has produced this guided meditation for anyone looking to experience what living in the moment means - being present, in the here and now-not from a separated you but you who is comprised of many different bodies.  Seemingly separate, however, very much from the essence of one.  A wonderful life long tool for everyone.  Enjoy :)

                                                       (No Background Music)  30 minutes:  Cost: $14.99

Title:  Exploration of Mind Body and Space- Be Here Now -​Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden
(Version #2- Tibetan Meditational Chants)

Another version of a very special meditation by Lilian for anyone who suffers from anxiety, PTSD, over thinking , fear or paranoia or addictions.  In addition, Lilian has produced this guided meditation for anyone looking to experience what living in the moment means - being present, in the here and now-not from a separated you but you who is comprised of many different bodies.  Seemingly separate, however, very much from the essence of one.  A wonderful life long tool for everyone.  Enjoy :)​

                                         (With Music) 60 minutes -  Cost: $24.99  

Title: Journey To Self Love (Version 1)-

Guided By Lilian Eden

       (No Background Music)    ​
Whether you need to purge all the negative states of being held within for so long or you find yourself  lost in the midst of major transitions in your life, self love is where it all begins.  Lilian Eden leads you through certain areas to help you learn to be gentle and loving toward yourself.  An opportunity exists to finally rise above where  you’ve been and how you’ve lived.  It’s a new chapter, a new dawn, a new road, a new way to see yourself and how you live in this world. From a place of empowerment.   By going through this process, you will develop one of the most essential necessities of life: learning to love yourself.

               35 minutes. Cost: $14.99 

(Note: No background music - voice only)

Title: Journey To Self Love (Version 2)-

Guided By Lilian Eden

       (WITH music)    ​
Whether you need to purge all the negative states of being held within for so long or you find yourself  lost in the midst of major transitions in your life, self love is where it all begins.  Lilian Eden leads you through certain areas to help you learn to be gentle and loving toward yourself.  An opportunity exists to finally rise above where  you’ve been and how you’ve lived.  It’s a new chapter, a new dawn, a new road, a new way to see yourself and how you live in this world. From a place of empowerment.   By going through this process, you will develop one of the most essential necessities of life: learning to love yourself.

             60 minutes. Cost: $24.99  (Note: Background music included)

 Title: Yogic Sleep (Nidra Yoga) 

with Lilian Eden   (Version #1)
(NO BACKGROUND MUSIC, VOICE ONLY)                                                                                 

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Lilian instructs the listener’s body toward deep relaxation, while systematically and increasingly assisting the listener toward new awareness of his/her inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. 
Yoga Nidra is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness.

Past studies have found, this yogic sleep process has been found to reduce tension and anxiety- working with autonomic symptoms of high anxiety such as headache, giddiness, chest pain, palpitations, sweating and abdominal pain respond well. It has been used to help soldiers from war cope with PTSD.
       40 minutes. Cost: $19.99  (Note: No background music, voice only)

 Title: Yogic Sleep (Nidra Yoga)  (Version 2)

with Lilian Eden   
 (WITH MUSIC)                                                     

Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Lilian instructs the listener’s body toward deep relaxation, while systematically and increasingly assisting the listener toward new awareness of his/her inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. Yoga Nidra is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness.

Past studies have found, this yogic sleep process has been found to reduce tension and anxiety- working with autonomic symptoms of high anxiety such as headache, giddiness, chest pain, palpitations, sweating and abdominal pain respond well. It has been used to help soldiers from war cope with PTSD.
                        40 minutes. Cost: $19.99  (With Music 

Title: Happiness- Path of Truth Guided By  Lilian Eden

A timeless guided meditation by Lilian Eden serving to help you live through times of change:  Shifting, changing times, is a natural occurrence in a non-static world we live in.  This guided meditation aims to explore and implement life long changes starting with your mind.  Life is an inside job, and it all begins with you. You deserve to fulfill your life’s path through a real sense of inner peace,  of happiness. 
​​                                                             20 minutes. Cost: $12.99

Title:  Body Wellness Meditation- New Connection With Lilian Eden

A unique connection exists between your Higher Self and your physical body.  Within the mass energetic field of the Mind vital information can be found once the active thought processing centers are quieted.  This other channel is explored in this guided meditation allowing you to move toward physical wellness in a new connective way.  New amazing insights await and a tool you can use for life.
          ​                                                             20 minutes. Cost: $12.99 

 Title:  Daily Mind Cleanse - Guided Meditation With Lilian Eden

Lilian guides you toward recognizing another channel of the mind.  Powerfully captivating your voice usually silent in the midst of ceaseless thinking throughout your day. Daily Cleanse enhances the mind muscle, that part of you, assisting you in your life.  A must have for anyone who wishes to strengthen inner guidance, self development and helpful in any form of meditation practice.  
​                                                       10 minutes. Cost: $4.99 

 Title:  The Art Of Conscious Dying- Peaceful Transition
​             With Lilian Eden

This mp3  helps individuals who: 
- have terminal illness

 - have a phobia of death/dying

Lilian guides you for 50 minutes, helping you to realize new ways of looking at death, dying and the physical world you are in. The fear of death/dying is one of the most popular phobias/fears people have.  Lilian created this 50 minute session/process to significantly reduce and/or eliminate anxiety/fear related to the concept of death/dying.   
It is recommended that this guided/process be played more than once.  Please do not listen while operating a vehicle/machinery. Deep relaxation is involved.    
​                                       50 minutes. Cost: $19.99 

Title: Journey To Soulful Living -
A Guided Meditation With With Lilian Eden

 We are apart of a greater consciousness called the Soul.  Through  Soulful awareness, we expose ourselves to the rich depths of life’s mysteries again and again. Living as human beings is to journey with an awareness beyond the mental constructs of what it means to live a full life.  Inner peace, joy and happiness is not a divine intervention or something out of reach.  It begins with a journey toward understanding, sensing and interacting with a greater creative force/ Intelligence in which we are apart of.  Journey to Soulful living will improve all aspects of your life and give you a real sense of inner peace, natural joy and fulfillment.
.                                                       40 Min. Cost: 19.99 ​

Title: Declutter Your Mind-
Stop Over-Thinking Guided Meditation/Process
​With With Lilian Eden

Over-thinking can have negative consequences such as  excessive worry, anxiety, excessive stress leaving you psychically/mentally exhausted and challenged.  All of which can reduce the quality of your life.  Lilian’s guided meditation/process was formulated  to stop excessive thinking and, in it’s place, an opportunity for you to open up your mind to calmness, clear thinking and much needed inner peace.   This guided journey can change the way you live your life.   
                                                               60 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title: Thrive - ESP Development Guided Process With Lilian Eden

The ability of extra sensory perception (ESP) is something you were born with. Society generally works through one particular realm, the physical realm, when utilizing our senses such as sight, sound, feeling, smell and taste.   However, there are methods to increase sensitivity by tapping into other realms, the quantum field pervading all life forms, the universe and you!  As a Spirit Being first (living in a human form) your capabilities of receiving information from the subtle realms only needs to be enhanced. Lilian has made one such process available for anyone who wishes to access dormant extra sensitivity pathways/information from the subconscious or greater conscious realms.  *Meditation is the number one training tool used world wide and the way most people access the quantum realm.  With continued use of Lilian’s guided process, it provides people a way to awaken  dormant yet super-powerful extra-sensory perception.  Life will never be the same.                                                                                                                    40 Min. Cost: 16.99

Title: AWAKEN - Meditation Bowl By The Ocean

Sounds from a Tibetan bowl combined with soothing ocean waves provide you with a powerful meditation session.   Scientifically, your brain will ease into Theta brain wave frequencies automatically assisting you toward a deep meditative and peaceful state, clarity of mind, and will assist in opening up dormant intuition. Vibrational sounds impact your nervous system, engaging your relaxation reflex and inhibiting the stress or pain response.

                                      60 Min. Cost: 16.99

Title:  ESCAPE- Banish Stress
(Music/Ocean Waves/Rain Sounds)
presented by Lilian Eden

Instrumental music soothes the Spirit while ocean waves and rain sounds take your Soul on an inner journey.  Great for sleeping, meditation, eliminating stress/anxiety/or worry.  Headphones recommended.  Enjoy your tranquility, you deserve it :)

                                              60 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title:  Activating Your Electromagnetic Center- 
Balancing Body and Mind
Guided By Lilian Eden

A guided meditation toward Balancing Mind/Body/Spirit  takes you into a new kind of perceptual reality - where the invisible becomes visible and the intangible (information of all kinds) becomes real.  By utilizing this guided process, you will find life bringing to you amazing insights/new awareness'. In a balanced way, you will find yourself being guided, protected while you simultaneously awaken the intuitive guidance system.  Connecting your guidance system through this process with the collective mind  allows you to draw upon a broad spectrum (mystical sources).  Additionally, when your Body/Mind/Spirit are balanced/unified,  your attention is focused upon moving forward in life.  You will feel the boundless, free flowing presence all around you along with the tangible flow of synchronicities.
This process is excellent for healers, Intuitive/Psychics, Mediums, and those working closely with people through counseling/coaching and/or advising in any capacity.  However, this simple yet powerful process is for anyone looking to find inner peace, happiness and for those individuals who truly wish to experience the world in a significantly deeper, richer way. 

                                                                                        20 Min. Cost: 12.99

 Title: Contact - Communicating With The Spirit World Guided Meditation/Process By Lilian Eden

 Preparing you for a vivid communication session with the Spirit World through  specific instructions lead by Lilian Eden.  This is one of several guided meditations/process' Lilian uses in her past Psychic Development Workshops to help students heighten their sensitivities and make contact with loved ones/friends on the other side.  This is the perfect addition to anyone's collection who are looking to enhance their sensitivities and ultimately connect with the other side. 

                                                                          40 Min. Cost: 24.99

Title: The Power Of Your Mind - Unlimited Potential Guided By Lilian Eden

This process will help you toward living an authentic life/Soul's path devoid of outdated, hindering, stagnating beliefs systems that hold you back in life.   You will be gently guided through out this process (while in a deep meditative state, or sleep state) where this process is most effective/affective.  This journey works through your subconscious mind.  Receiving information/messages in the most vivid way since you are open to receive in your sleep/deep meditative state.  Your subconscious easily absorbs and assimilates powerful messages effectively giving way to new perceptions of yourself and ultimately the world around you.  New belief systems, according to your Soul's journey, taking you to new heights in life.  Recommended use for at least 6 weeks - every day/night usage.  The results are truly life changing.  Enjoy.
                                                                                                                                                                                          60 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title: New World - Dealing With Loss and Grief -
​Guided Meditation/Process By Lilian Eden

Life's events can instantly catapult us into a world filled with grief and sorrow.  A time unimaginable, even surreal, no words can evenly describe the pain experienced when a great loss occurs.  Lilian has produced a loving companion for anyone who can use extra support through the grieving/healing process.  
​                                                                                                                                 30 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title: Manifesting Through A Holographic World Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian guides you toward unleashing a powerful connection through our holographic world. A very special, potent energetic center, is introduced to you where all of life can be penetrated.  Open your mind, let go of the thinking process, and allow yourself to be taken to new heights in your life.  Headphones/Earbuds recommended.

                                                                   20 Min. Cost: 16.99

Title: Shamanic Journey - Lower World Journey
(Meet Your Power Animal) Guided By Lilian Eden

Journey into the Lower World through powerful drumming sounds along with Lilian's unique guidance.  A special meeting/experience awaits you. 

​                                      20 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title: Mystic Visions- Native Drumming For Meditation 
(No vocals)​

A second edition to Soaring Spirit, Mystic Visions brings to you unique rhythmic drumming to enhance your ability towards deep trance states. Allow your Spirit to guide you into new horizons, new conscious awareness, into profound mystical realms.
​                                                                                  60Min. Cost: 16.99

Title: Sound Therapy - Activating New Life Force (Binaural Singing Bowls)
Guided Meditation With Lilian Eden

Binaural sounds from singing bowls accompanied by Lilian Eden's powerful guided meditation induces new energy through every cell in your body- specifically targeting your chakra centers.  You will embark upon new life forces each time you listen along with fine tuning your connection to your mind, body and Spirit. 

​                                                                                  60Min. Cost: 19.99

Title: Alternative Worlds - Spirit Journey

Through Deep Theta Sounds-
Guided Journey With Lilian Eden

This special journey has been created for the lucid explorer.  Individuals  who wish to explore other realms, worlds, realities beyond what is perceived in this 3D reality.  A very potent combination of instructions given by Lilian along with unique sounds taking awareness beyond any limitations.
​ Headphones/earbuds are recommended.  

​                                                                                  60Min. Cost: 19.99

Title: Eliminating Obstacles- Guided Process by Lilian Eden

Lilian guides you to a special place where you can finally release any and all obstacles holding you back from living life to the fullest.  A short, yet powerful, guided process you can  use anytime you feel overwhelmed, anxious or blocked from moving forward in life.  

                                                                               16 Min.  Cost: 4.99

Title: A Path of Least Resistance - Guided Meditation by Lilian Eden

A very easy meditation for anyone who is unable to move ahead in life.  A short, yet powerful, guided meditation  can be used daily.  

​                                                                                  15 Min. Cost: 4.99

Title: Field of Dreams- Planting Intentions

Guided Process by Lilian Eden

Lilian gently guides you toward connecting with the creative flow of the universe.  A state, place or energy where all dreamt of ideas, thoughts, wishes and desires flourish.  The power behind imagination blended with intention building/planting is key.  It's about fine tuning, tapping into the creative consciousness, sparking waves of creation to make thought/dreams into a reality.  A great addition to your collection.
​                                                                              15 Min. Cost: 4.99

Title:  A Rainy Day - Deep Relaxation

Presented By Lilian Eden

   Wonderfully soothing and calming for the Spirit.  An hour of light rain sounds can help relieve stress, insomnia or anxiety.  

​                                                                 60 Minutes. Cost $12.99

Title:  The Art Of Happiness Through New Awareness - Guided Meditation By Lilian Eden

    Casting a new light on new ways to exist from the heart.  This powerfully guided meditation by Lilian uncovers new depths, richness and abundance of sensations unexplored.  With new Self understanding you usher into being new ways to live, new paths to discover: Not from a place of emptiness but from a sound peaceful place of knowing.  This is true happiness.
​                                                                                                                                                                            30 Minutes. Cost $19.99

Title:  Cosmic Awareness In You - Guided Meditation
​With Lilian B. Eden

A wonderfully powerful intention setting meditation through the 'Inner-net'.  Drawn into the web of consciousness through Lilian's powerful voice along with accompanying sounds.  Great for anyone wanting renewal of Spirit, life of purpose and the ability to forge ahead with greater peace of mind, heart and Spirit.  Freedom awaits.                                                                                     
​                                                                          15 Minutes. Cost $9.99

Title:  Twilight - Sleep Naturally -
Guided By Lilian Eden 

                     Lilian guides you into a deep Soulful sleep as accompanying sounds lure your Spirit into a dream state.  Great companion for anyone who has trouble sleeping and/or is experiencing PTSD/anxiety/high stress.             
​                                                                60 Minutes. Cost  $19.99

 Title:  Sleep Time -
Promoting Deep Sleep For Children -       
Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian gently guides your child into a relaxed state for the first 8 minutes followed by sounds to promote deep sleep - (ocean waves along with musical sounds produced to promote deep
                                                                    30 minutes. Cost $12.99

Title:  Personal Transformation-
​                 Through The Dark Night Of The Soul -
​              Guided Meditation With Lilian Eden

There are many reasons for entering the dark night of the soul.  Life events catapulting one into an abyss of darkness where life’s meaning dissolves seemingly overnight. This is ‘the’ call for renewal of Spirit, awakening of Soulful meaning.    This is a period of restoration, transforming rights of new passages, raw and revealing through the act of going within: Deep within uncovering layers of dormant potential. Lilian’s message through a channeled message is one through love and personal knowledge.  Having had her own experience with this deep, Soulful journey, this guided Soulful meditation is extended from her heart to yours. 

                                              30 minutes. Cost $19.99

Title:  Relieve Stress Through Breath

Guided By Lilian B. Eden

A great companion for anyone who wishes to improve their meditative practices, relieve stress and/or anxiety, emotional healing, awaken creativity, enjoy restful sleep, boost immune system, find peace of mind and truly find happiness.  This short guided journey is an invaluable tool for life.  
“Breathe… Your life depends on it…” 

                                           15 minutes. Cost $9.99

Title:  Dream Messenger- Healing Through Inspirational Angelic Guidance-   (with music)     
  Guided Process  With Lilian Eden

   People from all over the world have connected to these sacred sources for guidance, advise, inspiration and for other longed for messages.  Lilian produced a simple, effective, often used guided process to help you connect at another level, vibration, dimension where a connection is made real.  You will be guided in a special way toward your sacred meeting-  spending time with a positively charged Spirit who has already tapped into your Soul’s journey.  A wonderful loved filled time awaits you…    


                                                                      40 minutes. Cost $16.99

 Title: Meet Me In The Dream -
        Lucid Exploration With A Friend        
  Guided Meditation  With Lilian Eden

​ Lucid dreaming with others is now possible with Lilian's latest process.  Creating an opportunity for those who have experience and for those who are beginners. Drawing upon years of experience, Lilian's latest and rare work,  has successfully helped many not only expand their awareness in the subconscious realms but also assists to successfully help expand, fine tune, dormant sensitivities.
This mind expanding treasure will not only positively expand your perceptions but also create new visions of how amazing and awe-inspiring life truly can be.                       

                                                                      60 minutes. Cost $24.99

                Title: Heart Center Awakener -
                 A Path Through Heart Guided Meditation

                 With Lilian Eden

On a path of awakening, the Heart center/chakra is known to be the gate between 'heaven and earth'.  A place where the 'ego' serving you on the mundane level meets with the luminescent Spirit, all knowing connected with all.  It's a natural mutual place of meeting, your true throne, in which you observe both worlds.  A gateway where you/we experience the truth of being one with Source, God, Higher Consciousness.  Your heart is the seat of your Soul where you truly understand all that was and ever could be is reached through this channel, a powerful wave through love....   Enjoy rediscovering your home, your heart, your truth...            

                                                                    45 minutes. Cost $19.99

               Title: Infinite OM- with Metronome 
                  (Sounds from "Meet Your Spirit Guide-
​                 Original Version" By Lilian Eden)

Powerful sound of creation, "OM" chanting, a great meditation companion..  OM chanting with a unique Metronome mix can take you deep into a meditative state and can also be used to induce calm, tranquility,  deep relaxation.  Great for healing work, cleansing work, meditation and may help as a sleep aid.  
​                                                                                60 minutes. Cost $19.99

Title: Dream Time- Spiritual Awakening Through Sleep Programming ​Guided By Lilian Eden

        Invaluable for anyone who wishes to experience and explore their essence in raw form while transforming dimensionally into a state we call sleep.  Vivid and powerful, Lilian enhances your exploration through specific guidance techniques designed for the mind.  A unique way to explore different states of a larger mind field using your inner
conscious faculty.  A wonderful sleep and dream time await your Spirit.           
​                                                                                  60 minutes. Cost $24.99

Title: Return To Source - Deep Theta Sleep

Guided By Lilian Eden

        Apart of Eden's sleep series, this newest addition allows for you to easily drift away into a deep theta level sleep.   Lilian guides you into a relaxing state accompanied by unique spacey atmospheric  sounds, dreamy choirs, distant voices, mysterious and tranquil soundscapes!  A must have for anyone who suffers from insomnia, restlessness, nervousness and anxiety.  Sweet dreams...

                                                                                      60 minutes. Cost $24.99

Title: Spiritual Enlightenment- Mastering Emotional Channels
​                         Guided Process With Lilian B. Eden

A new world is upon us.  A world where you become the master of your life, your happiness and finally one where you understand a real sense of inner balance, peace, true joy.  Working alongside  your mental and physical health, a direct link to your emotional outlet is key to living life in the moment.  Make today that day you decide to clean all out-dated-stagnation, become clearer in your thinking and acting, truly living from an authentic place destined for you.  A new way to live are moments away... Enjoy :)   
*Lilian's instructions are followed by soul soothing calming piano keys and wave sounds.  A complete process toward helping you reach new heights within and outside yourself.
                                                                                  45 minutes. Cost $19.99

Title: Gentle Guidance Delta Sleep Naturally
    ​With Lilian Eden

 Lilian uses specific techniques to help you move easily into deep relaxation accompanied by soothing, deeply relaxing sounds specifically designed toward a very deep sleep. A must have for anyone who has difficulty falling asleep naturally.  
                                                                 60 minutes. Cost $19.99

 Title: Harnessing The Infinite

Power Of Active Consciousness    
Guided ​Meditation With Lilian Eden

     Explore your world by initiating a process many have not tapped into in their lives.  A way to experience your physical reality through new observations.   Observations you can assimilate in such a way as to further an understanding of where you are and where you need to go and how. Insight comes through a rich understanding of how an expansive physical reality works as you become aware of certain fleeting moments in your daily life. Your consciousness is experienced on many levels: Guiding you through your daily occurrences, experiences, perceptions.  In this process Lilian draws your awareness toward the active awareness, or consciousness, leading you down a rich new way to live and prosper in this ever changing world.   
                                                                                45 minutes. Cost $19.99 

Title:  Past-Life Connection - How Do I Know You?

Guided Process By Lilian Eden

  Have you ever wondered how you're connected to your loved ones, friends or foes?  There is much information to be brought into consciousness through  unique energetic imprints from the subconscious realm.  Anyone can tap into  waves of endless information if curious enough to dive into memory banks of "time".

Lilian assists you to uncover secrets unknown until now.      

                                                                                 35 minutes. Cost: $12.99  

Title:  Summer Solstice Celebration-

A Guided Meditation By Lilian Eden​

  A timeless guided meditation by Lilian B. Eden now available to anyone who wishes to connect in a unique way.  A time to allow new light, new breath, new ways to celebrate life on this very unique transformative day... Rhythms of change can be heard, seen, and felt opening you to a greater loving vibration felt around the world.  

Join Lilian Eden and all who are tuning into this very special guided meditation session set to inspire your Spirit...                 

                                                             30 minutes. Cost: $12.99  

Title:  Sound Therapy - Deep Relaxation

Guided By Lilian Eden
Apart of the deep relaxation series, Lilian guides the listener into a deep relaxed state for the first 8 minutes followed by sounds to further melt stress away.  For anyone who wishes to experience deep relaxation, relief of stress, sound sleep or a time to unwind, this mp3 is a wonderful addition to your personal spa retreat. 
​                                                                                60 minutes. Cost: $19.99

 Title:  Voyage Of Freedom- Creating A New Reality Process/Meditation By Lilian Eden

Another unique process by  Eden to help you unleash a new life that is waiting for you. A blend of interwoven dialogue mixed with the opportunity to draw upon new avenues of awareness.  Sending your conscious self into realms of potential while receiving a quantum leap version of new realities in this physical world.   A must for anyone who seriously dreams of a better, stronger, healthier, happier way to live the rest of their lives.   
​                                                                                  30 minutes. Cost: $12.99

 Title:  Between Worlds- Continuing Conversations With Loved Ones/Friends In Spirit
  Guided By Lilian Eden

As used in Eden's workshops, newly released process assisting you toward tuning into the subtle world of Spirit.  One of a few great process' allowing you to connect with loved ones/friends in Spirit and to continue a much needed conversation bringing closure, healing and/or a continuation of dialogue between you and your loved ones/friends. A very effective way to connect, Lilian assists/ helps you through specific guidance and then gives way allowing you to enjoy this life changing process. 
​                                                                                  60 minutes. Cost: $24.99

Title:  Yoga Flow Through Breath

(World Fusion Sound Mix)
​     With Lilian Eden

A wonderful mix  for yoga enthusiasts creating an atmosphere of unique sounds from all over the world.  Lilian Eden's voice accompanies these sounds for the first 10 minutes providing guidance to silence the active mind, focusing on breath work through four chakra points.  Following Eden's soothing instruction, the yoga practice ascends into exploratory sounds firing up the flow stirring the Spirit through body.  Hypnotic and exotic sounds make movement seamless, bringing to the mat a practice to seduce the Soul.  
​                                                                                    60 minutes. Cost: $19.99

Title:  Calming And Re-Centering Energy For Children
​                       Guided By Lilian Eden

 Great for any child who could use a loving tool toward obtaining inner peace, calmness and rejuvenation.  Eden guides the child through a wonderful peaceful journey starting with a unique way to bring  star light into quieting the child's body and mind, then proceeding with a journey through a magical parkland. This mp3 may induce sleep.    
​                                                                               23 minutes. Cost: $12.99

Title:  The View- Unleashing Your Greatness
​Guided Meditation With Lilian Eden

 There is a feeling, an inner knowing or through your sense of being 'stuck' or 'stagnant' telling you it's time to uncover that gem, apart of you, ready to be 'revealed'.  That is,  within you are hidden gems of information that once  uncovered can help fuel amazing changes you truly want in one or all aspects of your life.  Apart of you still needing/wanting to unfold.  If you wish to uncover that hidden seed of greatness which is bound to come into your awareness, sooner or later, this guided process by Lilian can be a great catalyst to initiate new understanding about your  Soul's mission here on earth.  Make the change you wish to be, right here, right now.     
                                                                                                                                                                                                            30 min. Cost: 12.99     

 ( VERSION #3)
Title:  YOUR COMPANION- Meet Your Spirit Guide With Lilian Eden

Lilian Eden assists you through a unique process where endless possibilities await. This powerful guided process will help you live a life from another perspective- one where you know you are not alone. This process is not only a path of discovery unlike any other, its powerful effect/affect will be felt long after you have listened. If you are on the path of self-discovery or seeking to discover mind expanding awareness/activities (development of your guidance systems), this powerful journey is for you. 
                                                                                     52 min. Cost: 19.99.         

​Title:  YOUR COMPANION- Meet Your Spirit

Guide By Lilian Eden

Lilian assists you through a unique process where endless possibilities await. This powerful guided process will help you live a life from another perspective- one where you know you are not alone. This process is not only a path of discovery unlike any other, its powerful effect/affect will be felt long after you have listened. If you are on the path of self-discovery or seeking to discover mind expanding awareness/activities (development of your guidance systems), "Meet Your Spirit Guide" is for you. recommended.   

                                                                    52 min. Cost: 19.99.                     

Title:  Heart Speak- Feeling Again

Guided By Lilian Eden 

   Lilian Eden was inspired to give people a simple and effective way toward self empowerment.  A way toward releasing oneself from negative cyclic patterns of behavior/action(s).  An effective technique is used and' is the basis for this process allowing for a re-connection to the heart.  Once reconnected,  an unlocking of dormant innate abilities for inner peace, happiness, health, creativity, unconditional love (and so much more)  can be experienced.  

" I welcome you back to your authentic self... " Lilian Eden  
                                                           60 minutes  Cost: $19.99

Title:  Zen Zone - (Soothing, Tranquil, Relaxing Sounds 
                               for Sleep, Rest, Spa, Meditation) 

   Relaxing background Zen sounds (with water) made to sooth your Soul... A sense of renewal follows listening to this hour long mp3.  Escape the ordinary...  

                                                           60 minutes  Cost: $9.99 

Title:  Deep Sleep-

A Spirit's Night Journey With Lilian Eden 

 Lilian eases you into a very dreamy state where sleep can easily be accessed.  Accompanying sounds hypnotically inducing deep relaxation, calmness, serenity and dream state.           
                                                           3 Hours- Cost: $24.99

Title:  The Art Of Reconciliation and Forgiveness - Ho'oponopono -With Lilian Eden

Inspired by Dr. Haleakala Hew Len's results, Lilian has combined hypnosis with the practice of Ho'oponopono.  This process/practice is a cleansing/clearing process which starts from within. Through this practice, you clean/clear yourself from subconscious programing that runs your life without your conscious awareness.  Since you create your reality and the world around you, you have the power to change the way you not only interact with the world, but ultimately change the way the world interacts with you.  Actual Ho’oponopono cleaning process consists of repetitions of certain phrases embedded in this mp3.                  
                                                    80 minutes  Cost: $24.99

Title:  Soaring Spirit - Native Drumming For Deep Meditation 
Through this ancient art of rhythmic drumming, many have experienced deep shifts through visions and dimensional exploration.  Rhythmic drumming is an excellent and very effective way to facilitate journeys into mysteries of cosmos and psyche, where deep imagery and soulful connection with an expansive self can take place.                
​                                                                                                                                                                                                              60 minutes  Cost: $16.99

Title:  Awakening Spirit- Sacred Drumming With Flute 
 A great companion for anyone who wishes to use drumming/flute background sounds while in meditation or for sacred vision quests.  Bringing new awareness, altered states and visions to

those on a Vision Quest or inner journey.  
                                                         60 minutes  Cost: $16.99

Title:  Starry Night - Sound Sleep Guided By Lilian Eden 

  Starry Nights -Sound Sleep is apart of Eden's series of sleep aid for anyone who can use an effective solution toward sleep problems/disruption.   Lilian focuses upon relaxing you and guiding you methodologically into a dreamy realm where you can easily slip into a state of sleep.  Accompanied music works with your brain waves to aid in this process toward deep sleep.  
                                                                               70 minutes  Cost: $19.99

Title:  Finding Your Inner Voice Guided Process
              With Lilian Eden

Lilian assists you toward a deeper, more profound experience in uncovering your unique subtle voice working alongside you in this life time.  An innate system for you to  explore while understanding your senses in a new way.  Primarily focused upon your strongest sense, this mp3 is a tool for life to help  guide you in a concrete way.   Lilian introduces you to an energetic world of processing and communication alongside exercises to help you truly understand this innate voice unique to you.  
                                                                                30 minutes  Cost: $12.99

Title:  Communicating With Your Animal/Pet(s) By Lilian Eden

A very unique, one of a kind process for anyone who wishes to learn how to communicate with your animal/pet(s).  You will be guided/prepared for non-verbal/intuitive/psychic communication and you will be given time to explore your furry loved one in a brand new way.  Your pet/animal already understands how to tune into you and the world around them but now await connecting with you in a deeper way.  Take this opportunity to expand your mind, your awareness, your way of connecting in a brand new way.  This mp3 is fast becoming a favorite with many whom have asked Lilian Eden to produce a useful guided method/way to communicate with their animal/pet/beloved furry friend.  Near or far, and even those who are in Spirit, they await to engage with you on a whole new level.  

                                          17 minutes.  Cost: $9.99

Title:  Meet Your Guides (Version #2)

Help From Beyond- Guided By Lilian Eden

A new opportunity to visit with your loved ones, guides and other energetic beings who mean you well along your journey called life.  Lilian Eden relaxes you into a world unseen until now.   Soothing back drop music is intertwined with Lilian’s voice produced to bring you into untapped awareness not conceived through the Ego Conscious state.  A specific design produced by Lilian ensures a successful process transpires.

                                                     40 minutes. Cost: $24.99

Title:  Power Of Love Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

Lilian Eden's latest guided meditation opens up the heart center while you have the opportunity to experience the flow of life-giving energy in and around you.  This wonderfully produced 20 minute guided meditation takes you deeper into experiencing a strong vital energy while opening up  channels for undefended feelings... This wonder surrounding us, life giving, this force we call love... Use anytime, anywhere... All ages.  

                                                                                  20 minutes. Cost: $9.99 

Title:  Midnight's Dream - 

Sleep Easy Guided By Lilian Eden

Apart of a Sleep/Dream collection by Lilian Eden, Midnight’s Dream lulls you into a state of relaxation, of calm, soothing your nervous system through unique guidance.  Assisting you through specific vocals accompanied by rhythms and sounds scientifically formulated to deepen your sleep time.  Giving yourself the rich sounds that will sure to induce a time of deep rest.               
                                                                                  60 minutes.  Cost: $19.99

Title:  Psychic Release - Daily Energy Cleanse Guided by Lilian Eden

A must have for everyone!  Your energy equals your vitality and keeping it in check through out your day/night is very important.  While you interact with many people and interact with different spaces in this world, your energy level(s) can become imbalanced.  Once inflicted, many acute symptoms can disturb your functioning on all levels - mentally, physically, and Spiritually.  Just walking into an area of negatively charged energy or by interacting with anyone who can drain you,  protecting yourself is of great importance. Depleting your energy levels or negatively impacting your vitality can occur very quickly, without your knowledge.  
​This short, yet effective, guided process will leave you knowing you have protected and secured your energetic centers,

your power, your well being.  
                                                                                                                                                    15 minutes. Cost: $9.99

Title:  Grounding Your Energy Guided By Lilian Eden

Grounding your energy is a very great way to restore, re-balance, re-vitalize positively, our energetic systems on all levels. Anyone from all walks of life can utilize this must have technique anytime, anywhere. If you work with others, are sensitive, have experienced very stressful times, carry negativity, feel out of sorts, nervous, spacey, confused, uneasy, anxious or are in self -development, this is the perfect tool/technique/process to use.  

                                                                  10 minutes. Cost: $9.99

Title:  New Moon Ritual Guided By Lilian Eden 

Under the night's sky,  Lilian guides you toward a unique and powerful experience.  This new moon's ritual is charged with a new creative way toward new beginnings in your life.  Specifically designed by Eden to cleanse oneself and set new cycles in motion with the aid of earth's natural resources fueled by the powerful new moon.  Pleasant sounds accompany Lilian's voice through out this session.   

                                                                   30 minutes. Cost: $19.99

Title: Gateway To The Astral World- Astral Travel Guided By Lilian Eden 

An amazing time for listeners who wish to practice the art of Astral Travel. Lilian Eden's award winning Gateway To The Astral World focuses on concentrating your energies toward becoming an expert Astral Traveler. It's a time to explore, to focus on the etheric world, to concentrate your relaxed state toward a new state of awareness. You will be taken on a journey being supported and gently guided by Eden. This mp3 is for anyone who wishes to learn more about the power of Astral Travel, to experience your Astral Body, to perfect the art of letting go through a scientifically chosen method creating ethereal states along with scientifically formulated technological sounds for the mind.            
​                                                                       45 minutes. Cost: $19.99

Title: Island of Serenity- Letting Go Of Anxiety

Guided By Lilian Eden 

The first 12 minutes Lilian guides you into a state of relaxation followed by dialogue accompanying you to your island of serenity.  In the background is specifically chosen sounds, calming and soothing, allowing for easy withdrawal from the physical world.    Upon Lilian's guidance, the background sounds will shift toward ocean waves
​                           allowing  you to fully realize your island of serenity.                                                                                 
                                                                       60 minutes. Cost: $19.99

Title: Heart’s Key- 
Gratefulness Through Mindfulness

Guided by Lilian Eden

A beautiful process bound by a connection of the wonder of life in and all around us.  Uniquely "Eden's way" of taking you to a relaxed state and helping you to open yourself fully before giving gratitude.  By passing the ego consciousness reaching into the core, heart of all the greatness, can gratitude be experienced directly without any interference from the noise of the physical world.  A different approach from the Buddhists way- as they directly call for difficulties of the heart to truly open themselves with compassion and being grateful.  Instead, Lilian focuses upon allowing you to experience gratitude giving from an open heart, a non-judgment place, without involving the ego.  Eden grounds the ego humbly serving the Higher Self- a higher realm of clearer understanding. It's through allowing, opening of a heart, to which all energy flows. That flow of love is the key in giving gratitude. Giving gratitude every day is a gift you give yourself, with love? A gift that flows in love energy.  Enjoy this process and how your life changes in positive ways unexpected.  :)
                                  20 minutes. Cost: $9.99

Title: Perception- Unbound Mind

Lilian Eden guides you into a relaxed state where you will connect with all levels of awareness - your natural state. Within this time frame, you will have time to explore a new world in which you will not only live but thrive. 
**If you suffer from: Fear, Anxiety or Worry and would like to break these proverbial emotional chains that stops you from living life to the fullest, this video is for you.  Come prepared for total transformation of your current mind set...Leaving behind the confusion which set into your daily life without your permission. It's a habit. It's a cycle of disconnect. There is more to uncover...About the true You...

                                                                        ​40 minutes. Cost: $14.99

Title: Light Journey- Mind Body & Soul

Lilian Eden, an internationally renowned Metaphysician and Author, is providing you with an exceptional tool toward re-aligning, re-balancing and re-introducing you to your natural state of inner/outer energetic flow. You will, through this unique journey, drift into a very deep state of relaxation while being guided toward energetic equilibrium, removing very real stagnant energetic blocks. By

re-aligning your inner world, the effects will spill into your outer world by gaining greater vitality, youthful appearance and a new profound sense of being alive once more. This unique mp3 is a very powerful and effective tool for everyone where vitality, strength, inner peace and functionality in life is key. A new world awaits you...

                                                                       ​40 minutes. Cost: $19.99

Title: Vision Quest 2- A Native's Way-Smoke Speak/Sacred Journey

In addition to Lilian's Voice, there are soothing hypnotic sounds, drum beating and flute playing.  This title has been specifically designed with the journeyer in mind.  A time to discover the sacred connection, the Native's Way,  understanding what it holds for you.* This mp3 is based on Native American Indian rituals in preparation for a Vision Quest.  
                                                                                                                                                                50 minutes. Cost: $19.99


Title: The Art Of Meditation-

The Beginning Guided By Lilian Eden

Great for anyone who is new to meditation. Lilian guides, you in a way, that gives you a solid foundation for your mediation practice for years to come. A wonderful guided journey giving you basic techniques which you can use in any guided or non-guided meditation process. This mp3 has been produced with a beginner in mind.

                                                               22 minutes. Cost: $12.99.  

Title:   Child's Whisper- Healing The Inner Child

Guided By Lilian Eden

This profound guided journey by Lilian Eden captures the essence of long lasting healing through a unique process. You, through your inner child, has the opportunity to heal, to let go of the pain. All that you have held, suppressed or repressed over the years- that child still lives within you and is very much shaping the way you live your life today. Revisiting the inner child in this unique way, will finally allow you to live life from a place of inner peace and wellness. Meet your inner child and make a difference in your life today... Enjoy this healing process. 
                                                                     ​55 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title:   The Visit- Meeting With Loved Ones In Spirit Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian Eden guides you along the way to ensure the process toward meeting with your loved one(s) unfolds. Specific techniques, specific guidance is used by Eden along with specific back drop sounds scientifically measured to induce successful altered state of awareness. A state, realm, where your communication/meeting becomes vivid. If you would like to communicate with your loved one(s), this guided process is for you. 

                                          ​45 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title:   In Transition- Endings and New Beginnings Guided By Lilian Eden

This channeled guided meditation is for all who are going through the process of change. You may be experiencing one or more areas of change in your life pulling you away from living life to the fullest. Lilian assists you through this time period helping you to reach another level of understanding. From the perspective of divine timing, more insights are bound to emerge as this guided meditation session unfolds. You are taken to a different awareness, perspective, as your Soul has lead you to this place and space in time. A catalyst for uncovering new depths and understanding, Lilian opens her heart to give you a message/process in your greatest time of need. 

​60 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title:   Morning Glory - Mastering Manifestations

Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian Eden provides you with a wonderful tool created for all who understand the power of manifestations through the early morning's sunrise.  The most potent time of the day to direct your powerful  transformative desires to the living universe directly and effectively.  A very powerful tool, one of many used, to give you direct results in the physical world upon  completing this process.  

​                        30 Min. Cost: 12.99

Title:   Art Of Seeing- A World Of Imagery

Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian guides you into a relaxed state followed by several simple, yet effective, techniques to help you improve your ability to visualize. Upon practice/regular use of this process, you will find your ability to 'see' becomes more refined along the way.

                                     40 Min. Cost: 16.99

Title:   Meet Your Power Animal- Spirit Animal

Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian Eden guides you into a relaxed state to prepare you for an altered state of awareness where you will meet your power animal/animal guide(s). A gentle shift in awareness is processed in the most natural way, using nature's raw energy source as a conduit. Lilian eases your awareness slowly into a natural source flow where you will experience a unique process of existence/communication. Eden's approach is used to open a certain channel/perception where your power animal/animal guide(s) can come through. Working with energy, Lilian Eden offers a technical and practical approach to shifting levels of awareness or consciousness. 


                                           50 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title:  Good Vibrations- Mind, Power & Awakening 

Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian guides you into a relaxed state followed by channeled information toward new understanding of Self. A shift in perception or dimension where you can tune into how you vibrate. Vibrating from a place of 'one-ness' or from a fragmented place which is and has dis-empowered you.

The illusion of duality, separateness and restrictions are finally removed through truth. An opportunity to learn more about yourself as an observer and the actor in this physical world. Linking together a fragmentation of Self, Other

and All there is. 
​                                                                    60 Min. Cost: 24.99

Title:  A New Day- Overcoming Emotional Eating 

Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian has specifically designed a guided meditation for those looking to let go of emotional eating. This guided meditation is designed to give you an understanding of your emotions and to give you a new lease on how you live life. You will be able to take control of your life as you begin to understand the source of your emotional eating patterns. Some of the effects have been- increase in energy, more confidence, positive outlook on life and even a release of unwanted weight brought on by emotional heaviness. You will create a more balanced life, emotionally, physically and spiritually.
                                                                                                                                                               42 Min. Cost: 12.99

Title:  The Art of Dreaming- Vivid Exploration 

Guided By Lilian Eden

A complimentary mp3 to 'Dream Work-Lucid Exploration”, this guided meditation prepares you for dream work and recall. What to expect: Lilian guides you into a relaxed state followed by opening of 3 major areas of the Psyche. Within 20 minutes you will be prepared for dream work. Unique background sound aids in your dream work/'sleep' throughout the 60 minutes. Ideal for those who wish to fall into a state of sleep while activating new awareness for dream recording.
                                                                      60 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title:  Full Moon Ritual- Soul's Journey 

Guided By Lilian Eden

This powerful and engaging mp3 will open a world of possibilities allowing you to become more active in your future. Events will unfold as if by magic or 'some divine' Source. It will. An opportunity exists toward a fresh new way to live your life and how you experience the world around you.... Manifesting by the moon, a very powerful energetic ritual and one where your life instantly begins to change- long after this full moon's ritual. Simple, yet very potent. Enjoy your new path, new journey, your Soul's manifestations.  

 45 Min. Cost: 16.99.

Title:  Dimensional Exploration - Illuminating Unknown Worlds Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian Eden prepares you for a very real journey through Source, through Universal Consciousness, through dimensional illumination. In the first 20 minutes of this video, Lilian prepares you through specific guidance, specifically designed to prepare you for multi-dimensional channeling. Preparation through specific instruction is accompanied by specific blending of background sound. Creating an easy withdrawal from the physical world, pacifying your awareness into an expansive universe.  
                                                                60 minutes. Cost: 19.99

Title:  Love Quest - Divine Connection Guided By Lilian Eden

 This latest guided meditation aims at strengthening the dimension of love energy through techniques specifically designed and powered for a breakthrough partnership. For those of you drawn toward this form of manifesting, a new experience, new life, awaits you. This mp3 will open up a realm where manifesting becomes a true reality. A new life with a significant other or improving upon your existing relationship is part of this process.

                                                                                 55 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title:  Future Life Progression-

Moving Through Time Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian Eden, internationally renowned metaphysician, lecture and author, has conducted many past-life regressions guiding people who wanted and needed to sort out problems, issues or curiosities most pressing to them upon their visit. While most regressed to another time-period, there were people who through trying to move back realized they progressed into the future. Results? Amazing insights are being gained in many different areas of people's lives- career, personal relations, health, future trends, business and much more. How is this possible? It’s not surprising as new physics reveals that all past, present and future events are happening at the same time. This is known as the space-time continuum and it implies that the future influences the present as well as the past and vice versa. It must be understood that nothing is cast in stone and we do influence what the future brings through our actions today. Eden recommends you look into the topic of Karma. Future progressions are safe and a great window to what lies ahead in and all around you. 

                                                                                   53 Min. Cost: 16.99

Title: Destiny's Seal- Spirit Cleanse Guided By Lilian Eden

A magical journey of releasing energetic blocks, old emotional stagnant states you may be unaware of in your wake state (ego awareness). We come from one of two places: Fear or Love. This guided meditation focuses on individuals who have been living from a place of fear- keeping them from fulfilling their dreams. A very real, yet simple process, this very popular process allows you to transform your life on all levels: Emotionally, Spiritually and Physically. Eden's whole approach to wellness has given many people the opportunity to live again. Truly live again. To live from an authentic place of inner resolve, of richness seeped in love. A love of Self and ultimately, a love of life. A great companion Mp3  alongside Lilian's other popular titles including "Healing Journey-Beyond Today" and "New You- Letting Go Of Yesterday". A change is awaiting...
                                                          45 Min. Cost: 16.99

Title: Your Sacred Space Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian  has released an incredibly empowering mp3 introducing a new way to view your inner world and live in the outer world. This mp3 contains an induction through a guided meditation alongside accompanying sounds to induce deep relaxation, exploration and an introduction to a magical space created by Eden and you. The magic of this special space: From energy healing to E.S.P work, a place to meditate along with a place where you can envision your future with clarity, a place to meet with the other side and a place where most pressing questions/issues are resolved. A life changing experience awaits you.
​45 Min. Cost: 12.99

Title: The Flow- Deep Meditation With Om Chanting with Lilian Eden

Lilian  gently guides you into a relaxed state (10 min) accompanied by sounds to draw you into a deep state of relaxation.  Many have used this mp3 for sleep, but it can be used for deep meditation practices.  This is your time to let go, rejuvenate, explore altered states of awareness and more.  

  60 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title: Unspoken- Breaking The Silence Guided By Lilian Eden

A must have mp3 for anyone who has unresolved issues with someone in their life currently or from the past. Having negativity linger within can cause many unwanted side effects which can harm your mind, body and spirit. Now a powerful time awaits where you have an opportunity to move past the hurt, pain and agony. Finally, a real process toward releasing all pent up negative feelings and an opportunity toward real resolve. A specifically formulated guided journey lead by Lilian Eden advances you into a state of unlocking the deepest part of you waiting to let go. Reclaim your vitality, your sense of mental balance and physical health. It all begins with you and how you want to continue living your life. A life of opening doors to brand new experiences without the hinderance or baggage from the past. Do yourself a loving favor and break the silence once and for all. 

 45 Min. Cost: 12.99

Title: Lost Horizons- Remembering Guided By Lilian Eden

An opportunity to make a direct connection to a place you know to be home. A feeling of being from 'somewhere' else by many of my clients has lead me to formulate this guided meditation/process. An effective and very specific guided process to assist you toward not only making a connection but energetically it will allow you to tap into your Source/Home whenever you are 'moved' to tune into your specific field of energy/alignment. Finally a guided process for Starseeds, Crystals, Indigos, and Light Workers toward gaining much needed insight, inspiration, an unbound link to your 'Soul's' connection with Source along with a real sense of communication. You are not alone. Powerful and enriching... Inner peace and understanding awaits.

​                                                                                 60 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title: Artist's Room- Increase Your Creativity

Guided By Lilian Eden

A fantastic, and original, guided process by Lilian Eden finally giving artists from around the world an opportunity toward a complete open creative channel. Whether commissioned or a hobby, all artists will be introduced to a place and space upon a relaxed state, where they can visit anytime, anywhere. It's a powerful process which can be repeated as many times as needed. Once discovered, this powerful process can take an artist to a realm of endless possibilities.  What to expect: Lilian guides you into a relaxed state followed by an introduction to a place and space where all is possible. You only need an open heart, mind and a drive toward connecting with the ultimate Source of inspiration. 
                                                                                     ​45 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title: Dream Room Guided By Lilian Eden

Eden's dream room is now available on mp3! Thousands of people have enjoyed this cathartic process of a unique kind of altered state tapping. Alongside past workshops/lectures on the Law of Attraction, this highly successful experimental guided meditation has become a must have for those who are on the track of actualizing/ manifesting their dreams of partnering up through love or business. Using guided methods along with subtle potent sounds, you have the opportunity to fulfill your heart's desire of a loving relationship or business relationship that will bring you to the next level or cycle at this time. It's a very powerful process and upon listening, you will begin to live and experience your life in a whole different way. A favorite and a regularly used companion which you now can experience first hand.       
​                                                                               50 Min. Cost: 12.99

Title: The Zone Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian has dedicated this process for those who wish to tune into a higher vibratory state, experience a shift in awareness, long for internal peace and happiness and exploration of mind tuning. This guided meditation has been specifically designed to help raise your subconscious awareness while delicately working with your ego/conscious mind. The first part of this mp3 draws you in very subtly as you coast toward being drawn into a deep state of relaxation accompanied by specific sounds and dialogue. The second part of this mp3 allows you to venture into magical states while listening to nature's best sounds . 

​60 min.   Cost: 16.99

Title: Dream Works- Lucid Exploration (70 min)

With Lilian Eden

The art of dream work has captured people's attention for centuries. Lucid dreaming in particular is a dream when a sleeper is aware that she/he is dreaming. When a dream is lucid, one can actively manage and control what transpires in the dream. Lilian Eden's direct experience with lucid dreaming since childhood has lead her to refine key words and phrases triggering wake-initiated lucid dreaming where you go into a lucid dream state directly through listening to this mp3. Gaining altered consciousness in dream states, you become directly involved in controlling where you go and what transpires. This can change your life in endless ways. Benefits of lucid dreaming are far-reaching: Free yourself of fears and inhibitions, increase your confidence level, solve problems, gain new insights creatively, practice new skills and techniques, explore new realities, connect directly with the subconscious mind and more! Note: Please listen to this mp3 before going to sleep. c lucid dreaming by the sleeper.
                                                                                  ​70 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title: Heaven's Gate- Angel Messages

With Lilian Eden

Tapping into your Super Conscious mind, Lilian Eden has beautifully blended a process where you can make contact and receive incredible messages from the angelic realm. Eden's powerful tranquil voice, along with hypnotic sounds,  support your journey into different channels of communication.  This powerful guided tour encourages you to remove blocks and obstacles allowing you to receive angelic insights, information and experiences directly applying to and help better your present lifetime.   

                             45 Min. Cost: 16.99

Title: Sleep Companion-Deep Sleep  With Lilian Eden

An extraordinarily powerful audio experience, slowly easing you into a deep sleep. Specific hypnotic suggestions along with specifically formulated sound waves luring you into a restful state bringing calm, peace and tranquility. A fabulous companion at bedtime, Eden's 60 minute mp3 has been used by many of her clients and now it is available to you. All you have to do is listen as you go to sleep. This program begins by Lilian Eden's gentle guidance into total relaxation. Along with her voice, you will experience a hypnotic wave sounds that will relax you and guide you into a second level of theta preceding deep delta sleep. Suggestions by Eden effectively guide your conscious mind to rest allowing for a reduction in mind chatter- ultimately you slip into a deep calm and sleepy state. As her words fade away, you will advance into deeper sleep through the night and awaken refreshed, at peace with yourself and filled with renewed energy. 
​60 Min. Cost: 19.99

Title:  Soul's Gateway - Channeled/Automatic Writing Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian Eden's guided automatic writing session has been successfully used from business people, celebrities, artists, students to home-makers. Everyone of us can draw upon infinite information stored a whisper away. Choosing to experience Lilian's approach to automatic writing introduces a fine way of exposing and experiencing your sub-conscious/higher conscious state without effort. You only need to have an open mind and be in a total state of relaxation.  You can go about getting the answers you need. A profound experience and a new way of living a creative life awaits you! 

​45 min. Cost 12.99.

Title: Illumination- Third Eye Journey

Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian provides a powerful opportunity toward uncovering new insights for creative ventures, unanswered questions and a time to directly connect with spirit entities who are around you; protecting you and guiding you.  In addition, to prepare for deeper exploration, you will focus upon your main chakras (especially your third eye chakra) vital sources into other realms/dimensions. Frequent use of this mp3 will enhance your abilities, train your higher conscious mind, allow for Third Eye Seeing.   ​                                                       


50 min. Cost: 16.99.   

Title: Vision Quest I- Deep Exploration Toward Awakening Guided By Lilian Eden

Eden's Vision Quest, a timeless symbolic pilgrimage toward personal power, a spot for inner guidance and clarity. This unique and very popular guided meditation is a life transforming experience for those who are seeking greater clarity of purpose in their lives. People from all walks of life have received tremendous benefits from this time-honored ritual. An opportunity toward exploring your personal life map and major tasks ahead before moving into the Spirit World once more. Congratulations to you for taking a step toward greater awareness and understanding about your truth and why you came to this physical world...
​                                                                                   50 Min. Cost: 16.99

Title:  New You-Letting Go Of Yesterday

Guided By Lilian Eden

This process is for you if:
*If you need to be reminded of your purpose in this life

*Therapeutic purpose *If you are open to exploring other truths beside the one you have carried with you for far too long * If you are looking for more in life and find what is, is no longer valid* If you are anxious, depressed, not living life to the fullest* If you wish to understand life without your thinking head getting in the way* If you finally want to live the life you truly are deserving of, this guided process is for you.  

                                                        35 min. Cost: 12.99.

Title:  Akashic Records- The Book Of Life

Guided By Lilian Eden

The Akashic Records are a sacred compilation of information about your soul. At the time we make the choice to experience life as an independent soul, there is a field of energy created to record every thought, deed and action. That field of energy is the Akasha (Sanskrit for the energetic substance from which all life is formed). The Records (also known as the Book of Knowledge) record every life experience from this life time and other life times. Not surprisingly, when you are in the energy of your soul, you receive healing from learning the truth about who you are, why you are here (Dharma) and why events and patterns occur in your life (Karma). 

                                 60 min. Cost: 12.99.

Title:  Healing Journey- Beyond Today

Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian  created this latest guided meditation for individuals suffering from intense experiences in their lives. This guided meditation has been used as a support system by people from around the world. If you or anyone you know is suffering from pain- psychologically, physically and/or spiritually, this guided mediation is made for you/them. 

​                                                                      90 min. Cost: 19.99.

Title:  Past Life Regression- Looking For Answers

Guided By Lilian Eden

Eden's gentle and calming voice will guide you into a time portal of discovery. A chance to re-visit sites and sounds long forgotten until now. There will be plenty to explore as you are safely guided by Eden together with your subconscious mind. Let go and allow the scientifically formulated hypnotic sounds take you into an altered state where answers lie. Remarkably, each time you listen, more will be revealed to you. An unforgettable experience awaits... 
​60 min. Cost: 12.99.

Title:  Unforgotten- Inner Wellness

Guided By Lilian Eden
Lilian has made this unique process for decreasing stress, anxiety, nervousness, irritability, the inability to cope/think, unblocking stagnant energy while opening a new sense of well-being.  

​                                          40 min. Cost: 14.99.

Title:  The Shift- A Rise In Consciousness

Guided By Lilian Eden

A Tool For Life- Are you interested in expanding your consciousness? Would you like to be more productive in your life? 
Would you like to break past any energetic barrier? A new way to live, view life, awaits you.  Experience one of many techniques used by Lilian  to help her clients expand their awareness through deep relaxation.  Consciousness expansion results from listening to this guided mediation where many other altered states of reality or dimensions can be tapped into.  This guided meditation is for anyone who wishes to explore one technique found to assist individuals expand their perceptions, increase their vibratory state and allow for a shift in how to experience this physical reality.  Lilian simply assists you in experiencing other conscious states usually unconscious until now.  Continued use of this guided process will not only strengthen one's ability to alter their state of awareness, but on demand, shift ones' vibrational state allowing for manifestations and new adopted perceptions to take hold.  You will be able to experience more of yourself in a profoundly exciting way. 
                                                                                                                                                  65 min. Cost: 16.99.

Title:  New Beginnings- Getting Over A Relationship Guided By Lilian Eden

Lilian has produced this guided meditation to assist you at time of hurt/pain or great despair- made specific for those who are experiencing negative emotions directly linked to a relationship break-up. Be prepared to experience a shift, a new world through new senses.   
​                                                          45 min. Cost: 12.99. 

Title:  Letting Go Of Self Limiting Beliefs

Guided Meditation By Lilian Eden

Lilian guides you into a state providing you with an extraordinary opportunity toward new understanding from a whole self perspective.  It's time to awaken to who you truly are :) 
​                                                          50 min. Cost: 19.99. 

Title:  Breakthrough- Healing Through Water

Energy with Lilian Eden

A wonderfully moving guided meditation, with soothing background sounds, allowing for a time of new insights while releasing old issues.  

Old outdated held onto beliefs can finally be released, forever.  

A great guided meditation and one to use for the purpose of cleansing the Spirit, moving ahead with your Soul's journey while 

working through new mind set.  
​                                                          30 min. Cost: 14.99

Title:  NOW- Living in the Moment

Guided Meditation for the Sick and Dying

This guided meditation brings you into a deep communion with your own body mind and spirit.   Lilian created this meditation specifically to ease physical and emotional suffering, and to give way toward inducing deep relaxation. .
​                                                          60 min. Cost: 19.99

Title:  The Traveler - Astral Projection 


Lilian has incorporated a method through instruction and sound to 

help bring you beyond the threshold.  Assisting you to experience

your astral body and helping in casting a direct opening in which

you can astral travel.  An experience of a different time awaits.

​                                                          60 min. Cost: 16.99

Title:  Transition and Change- From Outer Chaos

Toward Inner Peace


 Setting yourself free is key with this  guided meditation.  Along with Lilian's soothing voice, background music and environmental sounds allow for a richness through your journey.  Inducing vivid  visualizations so as to emphasize shifting moments taking place during your journey. The mission is to transport you to a place of total inner peace.  

​                                                          60 min. Cost: 16.99

Title:  Bedtime Whispers #4

Deep Sleep with OM Chanting


 Lilian's specific guidance along with OM Chanting has helped many into deep sleep.  Headphones/Earbuds recommended.

​                                                          60 min. Cost: 16.99

Title:  Bedtime Whispers #5

Deep Sleep with music


Lilian's soothing and comforting voice adds to the soft and deeply relaxing music toward helping you into deep sleep.   Headphones/Earbuds recommended.

​                                                          60 min. Cost: 16.99

Title:  Journeying With Your Spirit Guide

Take a journey with your spirit guide(s).  A chance for your guide(s) to help you navigate along your path in life.  An opportunity toward new insights, answers to  questions, most pressing at this time of your life.  Regardless of when you listen, each opportunity brings to you new awareness, new answers, new insights. 

Enjoy your unique journey today.

​                                                          60 min. Cost: 16.99

Title:  Earth Messages - Connecting With Mother Earth

Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

Life giving, connecting the seen and unseen, our mother earth holds much mystery.  This is a highly recommended mp3 for anyone who can use grounding energy, release of the mundane while tuning into a frequency to enliven the Spirit.  
​                                                          31 min. Cost: 9.99

Title:  Stress Free Zone (with Rain, Music and Voice)

Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

A very popular 'go to' for decreasing stress, worry, anxiety and fear.  Lilian guides you into realms of tranquility, calm and deeply relaxing states.  Enjoy lying down upon a comfortable sofa/couch and a throw blanket in the afternoon or nestle in for a great night's sleep with Lilian's Stress Free Zone. Anytime. Anywhere.
​                                                          60 min. Cost: 14.99

Title:  Stress Free Zone  #2

(with Rain /Voice only)

Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

A very popular 'go to' for decreasing stress, worry, anxiety and fear.  Lilian guides you into realms of tranquility, calm and deeply relaxing states.  Enjoy lying down upon a comfortable sofa/couch and a throw blanket in the afternoon or nestle in for a great night's sleep with Lilian's Stress Free Zone. Anytime. Anywhere.
​                                                          60 min. Cost: 14.99

Title:  You In A Changing World

Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

 Lilian's  latest work is directly in response to people who are truly in need of a peace of mind and heart.  Those who are experiencing great changes in life looking for a new normal.  This  altering guided meditation can  bring solace to those who feel lost, experience great fear/panic attacks. who are feeling out of control in their life.  A must have for the Spirit, mind and Soul.  
​                                                          60 min. Cost: 16.99

Title:  Mind Cloud - Affirmations and Insights

Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

 A deeply penetrating guided meditation taking you far beyond the ordinary.  A wonderful addition to your morning routine or anytime of day, Spirit calls you toward a magical time of revelation(s). 

​                                                          20 min. Cost: 9.99

Title:  Rise- Spiritual Reboot

Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

  Living in this physical reality can overwhelm the mind/body, separating the mind/body from the Conscious Awareness.  If you feel you can use a systems' reboot, this guided meditation will help you to reconnect.

​                                                          60 min. Cost: 16.99

Title:  Quantum Journeys

Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

  Move through new realities as you experience infinite awareness.  Truth without programming, out of the matrix

you enter into a holographic world.  With each session, 

the experience uniquely provides you with an opportunity

for mind expansion - body/mind connecting to Conscious Awareness- 

A must have for the truth seeker

​                                                          60 min. Cost: 19.99

Title:  Ancient Affirmation- DNA Healing and 

Frequency Alignment 

Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

The power in these ancient affirmations directly effects your

DNA and frequency.  Tuning into a certain frequency

and maintaining harmony within and without will improve your life on all levels.  Listen daily and notice the difference.

​                                                          45 min. Cost: 19.99

Title:  Infinity - Deep Relaxation (3 Hours)

Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden

Wonderful mixture of music along with Lilian's guidance sends you into a dreamy journey.  A must have for anyone looking to be sent into a deep relaxed state or sleep

​                                                          45 min. Cost: 19.99