Lilian Eden

  Lilian Eden (B.Sc, C.Ht, Msc.D) 

Medium/Intuitive Practitioner



My mission is simple: Help guide you, assist you through direct experience- whether through Psychic/Mediumship Session, Coaching Session, Past Life Session, Life Path Session, Dream Interpretation Session and/or  through guided process'/meditations.  I am all about  promoting healing from within and to provide for a deeper understanding of your Soul's mission. I'm a catalyst helping you to achieve  new insights and allow for an opportunity to express yourself in a loving and safe way.  I look forward to our time together, sending you much love, 

Lilian Eden



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"Eliminate who you're not first, then put in front of you all that will illuminate who you truly are."


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Relationship(s) Illumination- Past Life Connections Session

Past Life Illumination Session

Soul's Path (Life Path) Illumination Session

Psychic/Intuitive Session

Mediumship Session


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