Services/Session & Rates

PGM (Personalized Guided Meditation ) 

Duration 15-20 Minutes - 49.99

Duration  20- 30 Minutes - 69.99

Duration  30 - 60 Minutes - 89.99

*please click here for details*

A.S.A.P  Time Sensitive  Psychic/Spiritual Coaching Session


Mediumship Sessions available

                     through Email with Lilian Eden



                                         HOW TO CONFIRM Your Session 

1. Make Payment - to confirm your A.S.A.P Time Sensitive Session.

2. Please use the Contact Form to forward 1-3 questions/issues most pressing for all Intuitive/Psychic/Spiritual Coaching A.S.A.P Session- CLICK HERE   or email  Your questions will receive priority and be forwarded to Lilian for your recorded session. For Mediumship sessions, please go directly to step 3 - NOTE: should you have specific questions you wish to ask about a loved one/friend/pet in Spirit, please forward your question(s) to

3. You will receive your recorded session through email within 48-72 hours upon payment-

4.  Please ensure you forward the  email you wish to receive your recorded A.S.A.P reading/session.  


          A.S.A.P Session Cost - $400



 (1) question/issue Session

                                   Intuitive/Psychic/Spiritual Coaching                                     

Session/ E-Mail Reading only


  Note: this is not a Mediumship session* See below for Mediumship Session


                                                Voice Recorded (mp3) Session

                                                  sent to you through e-mail -  

                                                                            Cost - $200.00                             


(2) question/issue Session

                                  Intuitive/Psychic/Spiritual Coaching                                     

Session/ E-Mail Reading only

        Note: this is not a Mediumship session* See below for Mediumship Session


                                                Voice Recorded (mp3) Session

                                                  sent to you through e-mail -  

                                                                            Cost - $260.00                             


Intuitive/Psychic/Spiritual Coaching Session

(30 or 60 minutes)

(30 or 60 minutes available through Skype, phone or by e-mail. Please specify at the time of scheduling a session.)

This is a lively interaction geared toward providing much needed awareness into  your unique future.  In addition, Lilian provides full support from an advising/counseling/guidance perspective. A full, well rounded, session awaits you.

Please note:  Lilian does not record phone/Skype sessions for clients, however, clients are welcomed to record sessions with Lilian.   For anyone who would like a phone session, Lilian will call you at the date/time scheduled.

If you choose to receive a voice recorded session, due to time differences, you can expect the same duration of time filled with insights, guidance and coaching.


 Cost $300 - 30 min. (1-3 Questions)

         $600 - 60 min. (1-6 Questions/Issues)



                                       Life Path Illumination Session 


Lilian helps to highlight your Soul's purpose in this life time.  Primarily looking at your Soul's/ life lessons including your strengths and challenges you

have come into this life to overcome. From a Soul's perspective, Lilian will bring to the surface what you face in terms of life purpose and best ways to proceed.  A very insightful session awaits you. 


 Voice Recorded (mp3) sent to you

through e-mail - 

                    Cost - $260

                       Past Life Illumination Session


  Lilian is guided through your previous life time(s) uncovering the life/lives you had lived.  This session has helped many shed light upon their current life time from a perspective of the Soul's journey through time.  It's a great opportunity to explore the past and how the past may be influencing your current life time- through accessing the Akashic Records.  A fascinating journey filled with insights await you. 


Voice Recorded (mp3) sent to you

through e-mail - 


            Cost - $260


Relationship(s) Illumination:

Past Life Connection(s) Session

How do I know you?  Why are we together in this life time? 

 Lilian is guided through to previous life time(s) to uncover connections you have  with certain people in your life currently.  Through Lilian's insight, you can gain greater clarity uncovering meanings behind these connections.

* Please forward up to 3 specific people and how you are connected in this life time. 


 Voice Recorded (mp3) sent to you through e-mail - Cost  $280




                           Mediumship Session

                                   with Lilian Eden


Connecting with loved ones/friends/pets and guides

*Receiving much needed helpful insights/messages/feed-back *

Lilian conducts a mediumship session and connects with those who

wish to come forth to communicate with you. 

              * Sessions available through voice recorded (email), Skype or by phone.

 *Please specify at the time of scheduling a session

Please note:  Phone sessions are not recorded for clients. You may record the session - 


Lilian opens communication to the Spirit world through the intent of connecting with those who mean you well (or pets who wish to connect).  Through this session there is a great opportunity to connect/communicate with loved ones who await such opportunities. If this session moves you in any way, this is a strong indication of messages/communications waiting for you.  For so many reasons,  you are being called to open communication for much needed insight(s)/solace -  along with the other side wanting to express  messages which may not otherwise be expressed/known.  A wonderful time awaits.

 Session - (Email, Skype or Phone) Cost - $350

Note: A.S.A.P. session available for this session type - please see A.S.A.P section for details.

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