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     ***ORDERING A PGM***

Purchasing a Personalized Guided Meditation with LILIAN EDEN-

There is an opportunity to enjoy your own personalized guided meditation/process

by Lilian Eden. Purchase your preference in duration of the PGM and upon confirmation of purchase, please click here

   OPTIONS:  A.  $ 29.99 - 15-20 min.

                      B.   $ 49.99 -  30-40 min.

                      C.    $ 69.99 - 45-60 min.




       ONE (1) question/issue- 

                                                     Intuitive/Psychic/Spiritual Coaching

                                                           Session/ E-Mail Reading only

                                                           *Note - this is not a Mediumship session*


                                                Voice Recorded (mp3) Session

                                                  sent to you through e-mail -  

                                                                            Cost - $75.00                             


Intuitive/Psychic/Spiritual Coaching Session (30 or 60 minutes)

(30 or 60 minutes available through Skype, phone or by e-mail. Please specify at the time of scheduling a session.)

Lilian gives you insights/guidance into your most pressing issues/questions (1-3 issues). This is a lively interaction geared toward providing much needed awareness into  your unique future.  In addition to receiving insights, Lilian provides support from an advising/counseling perspective. A well rounded session awaits you.

Please note:  Lilian does not record phone sessions for clients.  For anyone who would like a phone session, Lilian will call you at the date/time scheduled.


 Cost $140 - 30 min.

         $240 - 60 min.



 Soul's Path (Life Path) Illumination -   Lilian helps to highlight your Soul's purpose in this life time.  Primarily looking at your Soul's life lessons including your strengths and your challenges. From a Soul's perspective, Lilian will bring to the surface what you face in terms of life purpose  and best ways to proceed.  A very insightful session awaits you. 


 Voice Recorded (mp3) sent to you

through e-mail -  (Time 20-30 min).-           Cost - $120


Past Life Illumination:   Lilian is guided through your Soul's previous life time(s) to uncover your past helping you toward shedding light on your current life time. You may forward a question/issue you have in this life time (if applicable) or simply be open to what knowledge comes through.  A fascinating journey and filled with insight. 


Voice Recorded (mp3) sent to you

through e-mail -  (Time 20-30 min).-           Cost - $120


Relationship(s) Illumination: Past Life Connections

How do I know you?  Why are we together in this life time? 

 Lilian is guided through to previous life time(s) to uncover connections you have, in this life time, with people and /or places.  In addition, you may forward a question/issue you have in this life time you wish more clarity and /or Lilian will explore your past to help you uncover meanings behind your connections.  


 Voice Recorded (mp3) sent to you through e-mail - 

                                                                                      Cost - $140


                           Mediumship Session


Connecting with loved ones/friends/pets and guides

*Receiving much needed helpful insights/messages/feed-back *

              * Sessions available through voice recorded (email), Skype or phone.  Please specify at the time of scheduling a session

Please note:  Phone or Skype sessions are not recorded for clients.

Cost - $180

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