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Lilian Eden (Psychic/Medium/Author) in Sedona, Arizona -


"Thank you so much!  I do believe in past lives. It was very emotional to hear your words. 

I will see if you have a comment section on your page and will relay to the viewers

how much I believe you were right on.  I wish you much continued success. 

I will return ;)  
Thank you !!"

   Karen R. (Bellbrook, OH)

"I have known Lilian for over 10 years.  There is not enough time for me to really bring

forth all that she has done for me.  I've seen her on televisioin one afternoon and I was

truly in rough shape.  Everything in my life was going wrong.  I had to speak with her.  

I did make that happen.  Since that first time in her office, she has become

like family to me.  These days, she is my monthly sound board and although

I ultimately make my own decisions, her input into matters most pressing for me

is spot on.  I truly love this woman who I feel I've known forever.

 I am honored to write a testimonial for Lilian and highly recommend her to everyone.

 In fact, I do.  You are God sent, thank you for all you do for me and others."      

    Jennifer H. (Los Angeles, CA)


 "My father passed away 6 years ago and my mother 4 years ago.  

I met Lilian in her office 3 months after my mother passed.  I heard about her work

through a friend who has seen Lilian.  I went to her Spirit Night event and that was

a night to remember.  Although she did not pick up on my mother that night (there were

30 people in attendance) I did schedule a session to meet with her on another day.  In fact 3 weeks after that evening.  Lilian was able to bring my mother forth along  with other close relatives who passed over.  She also gave me amazing insight into my life.  I now speak with Lilian twice a year."          Anne S. (Oakville, Ontario, Canada)


"I contacted Lilian Eden after hearing her radio appearance a year ago.  I liked her attitude, her appraoch and knowledge on the subject at hand and how she assisted callers who phoned in.  I highly recommend her if you truly want insight into your life."  


 Mark D. (Seattle, Washington)


"I love having Lilian at my charity events.  People who come to the event very much enjoy Lilian's insights into their lives.  She is very good at what she does but also has great magnetic energy that makes people feel so comfortable and at ease."  


Joan. L (Malibu, California)


"OMG! She blew me away with what she knew about me and my life!  Not only that, she truly spent time helping me to see so many angles to my problems.  Thank you!                          

Beth S. (New York, New York)

"I'm a huge fan of Lilian's guided meditations!  I looked into her work through her website and decided to schedule a session.  That was 2 years ago and today, if I have something urgent I wish to discuss, I schedule a session with her.  There is no other advisor for me.  Thank you Lilian!"                                                       Laura B. (Toronto, Canada)

"Her guided meditations helped me tremendously over the past year.  My husband left me, I lost my job, now-where- to- turn.  I decided to schedule a session with Lilian who had sincerely helped me understand my situation in a brand new way.  I highly recommend her to everyone."                                                                 Susanne T. (Palm Springs, California)


"I had a job transer to England from South Africa from where I'm from.  I wasnt' sure if I was on path.  I needed to understand why the universe opened this door for me.  I felt unsettled.  I remembered hearing about Lilian Eden through another forum.  I gave her a try.  What  a blessing this woman is!  I'm very much at peace and will be scheduling more sessions with her in the future, forsure.  I hope to attend one of her events in the future."      

 Chorlott G.  (London, England)


"She is  very inspirational, has a great ability to tune in and truly bring up amazing insights... She is God sent..."  

                                                                                      Tony R. (Los Angeles, California)


"Lilian is an amazing advisor on many levels- she truly listens, has a gift to receive insights from God knows where and advises from a heart centered place.  She truly cares for people.  I recommend her to anyone."     Paul S. (Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)


"Lilian is not only gifted intuitively/mediumistically but has a huge heart of gold.  She came to see my little girl who was at the time dealing with stage 4 Cancer.  She drove 5 hours to meet my little girl.  She spent the afternoon and since then has been like family to me.  Her work as an advisor has touched me and many who have come to meet her.  I love her truly.  Thank you my dear angel."


Beth-Ann K. (Las Vegas, Nevada)


"We both appeared on a TLC show where we had a ball!  In between our segments, she and I had time away to talk.  I ended up getting messages from the Spirit World along with insights into my future.  Lilian is the real deal.  See you soon!"

Kevin S. (Miami, Florida)


" I met Lilian Eden in Hawaii while vacationing.  We'd interacted on and off through out the week and in the process I learned more about how she helps others.  The last evening came and I hesitated asking her if she can possibly give me some insights into my life.  Well, she did! It blew my mind.  Needless to say I have contacted her on many occasions and recommend her to all my friends/family.  She is a wonderful blessing to all."    

Jessica F. (Seattle, Washington)


"Lilian truly does care helping me plenty of times over the past 5 years.  You are pure love, thank you!" Demi. M. (Los Angeles, Ca)


"I was desperate to find out if this man I was with would be the one I marry.  I had suffered plenty with my relationships.  I contacted Lilian Eden who gave me insights I needed to make my decision.  Information from our session gave me more clarity.  Thank you Lilian Eden.  You are one of a kind."    Melissa R. (New York, New York)


"Mind Blown!" A. Rose (Los Angeles, California)


"The way she conducts her sessions not only makes me feel really comfortable but there is a sense that she is truly connected with me.  I feel like she knows me like no one does.  Her sessions are always spot on giving me information I need to hear.  Thank you Lilian. "                                    Karl R. (Honolulu, Hawaii)


"Her accuracy is unbelievable.  It's like she reaches into your Soul and pulls out all the stuff for you to see that you couldn't see.  Or don't want to see!  LOL  She has helped me in undefinable ways.  I'm grateful and recommend her to everyone."  

                                              Denise L. (Seattle, Washington)                                                                                           


"What an incredible Spirit she has!  Her knowledge blows me away.  Thank you Lilian we love you!"   Pat. S (San Francisco, California)


"I love the way she advises, coaches.  Her approach is wonderful as whe seemingly goes into crevices of the Spirit, Mind and Body.  I was sufffering from a chronic condition along with other issues in my life, and Lilian's insights were bang on.  It all resonated with me absolutely.  I speak with Lilian at least once a month.  Highly recommend a session with her."  

 Mary B. (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)


"Loved seeing her in San Fran!  I had the honor of having a session with her and she predicted things that came true.  Wow, that girl is something else!   Kisses and hugs!  John D. (San Francisco, California)


"Lilian really cuts to the core of issues.  She has an ability to bring to the surface that which is not eveident in people.  It's like she scans your Soul and gives you insight that really is useful.  I love her!  I recommend Lilian to people because she truly does care and works from an authentic place."  Gregory A. (London, England)


"What a generous, thoughtful, clairvoyant!  Absolutely beautiful reading!  Please tell her I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart.  A place I feel like she was truly able to tap into.  What an amazing talent, gift she has!  I can't say I'm blown away, only because I expected her to be insightful.  But what she is open to receive and able to communicate is absolute proof to me that I am guided and loved by Spirit.  I feel like I've found a long lost friend.   

Please give her my love and thanks. Thank you, thank you!

                                               Denise S. (London, England)

" I met Lilian through a workshop and although she was a participant, she ended up advising a few attendees.  We were floored by her insights.  I gladly say, she has been my friend/advisor for over 15 years.  We love Lilian Eden here in South Africa!" 

                                              Walter Z ( Johannesburg, S. Africa)


" Lilian has a direct channel to God.  I cannot say into words how much I appreciate Lilian, she is truly a gift to this world. "

                                                Lada Z ( Brussels, Belgium)

** To view more Testimonials, we would be happy to forward more information for your perusal. If you wish to forward a testimonial, please feel free to send a video clip or written statement to  By your submissions, you are giving Lilian Eden permission to post your video or written statement for public viewing on her site. **






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