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"Super psychic and a wonderful lady"

  -Regis Philbin

     Lilian Eden (B.Sc., C.Ht, Msc.D) is an internationally respected, Psychic-Medium, Teacher and Author/Producer of over 100 self-help, Spiritual ("S"elf- development) CD's/MP3's.

Over the years, Lilian hosted a nation wide radio show, Soul One, and has been featured on several television shows including Lifetime's Gay, Straight or Taken(?) and Adventures In Holly "Hood".  Alongside her media appearances and paranormal investigations as a lead Medium, Lilian is known for her ability to  advise/coach clients, facilitate workshops, and lecture on a variety of  new age/ alternative healing methods including: 


  • Spiritual/Psychic/Self Development

  • Mediumship  Development

  • Dream Work

  • Self-Hypnosis

  • Meditation

  • Dimensional/New Consciousness related work


Her goal is to present a practical approach  in the area of Spiritual/Consciousness/Mind growth ("S"elf development).  Providing  down-to-earth and always lively information through recordings, radio appearances,  lectures and workshops.  Lilian is providing incredible life altering tools for thousands of people through new discoveries in her own research. She has dedicated her research towards  Dimensional Integration, alongside working with/through the mysterious Intelligent Consciousness in our electrical/magnetic world -  that is, in this and worlds beyond our physical 5 sense reality.  

Lilian Eden continues to produce new videos/mp3's and is currently advising others in private sessions. In the works currently- another book aimed towards helping people understand the 'Self' in a profoundly new way.  Appealing to the open and ready minds ready to receive.  Lilian currently splits her time between California and Canada.

Serving Humanity One Conversation At A Time...