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 Lilian Eden's Guided Meditations

are now available on Demand :)

(Over a 100 mp3's available from her Youtube Channel)

ALL Mp3 Titles are now only $10.00(each) :)

Any Title! 

Only $10.00 per title/mp3

How To Order Your Title(s)/Mp3's

1. Confirm your mp3/title(s) (or mp3's) order through the "Buy Now" Button. Titles no longer available on Youtube (or in private mode) can be previewed below for Title information/ordering purposes.  Full length mp3 will be delivered upon confirmation of payment.)

2. Please use the Contact Form Below and fill out the exact Title(s) of the mp3('s) purchased along your email.  Please ensure you forwarded the correct email you wish to receive your mp3 Title.  

3.  Please allow up to 24 Hours for the delivery of your mp3 (s).
4. Enjoy!


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   Mp3 Titles not available on Youtube 
(in Private Mode)  now available for purchase :)
60 Minutes -
Inducing Vivid Dreams (Om Chanting/Music Only)
A great addition to anyone who loves to 'meditate' with back drop sound/music. I thought this would be a great addition for anyone who wishes soothing, tranquil, mystical and hypnotic sounds as they escape the ordinary. Enjoy over an hour of hypnotic sound to help you along your path/inward journey.
PREVIEW- Inducing Vivid Dreams- (no voic
00:00 / 01:44
60 Minutes-
Freedom Flight-Soaring Spirit- Guided Meditation
This guided meditation/hypnosis session will take you into your higher mind, super consciousness where you will be able to make a unique, life long, connection with a higher realm. For anyone wishing to explore their true voice, true connection to all that is, to experience a life from a clear perspective (undoing years of societal, negative chatter), to finally understand what it truly feels like to exist, to be, to explore, to come into one's own power, this guided meditation is for you. The more you listen, the greater the release and exploration. This opportunity scripted by Lilian Eden is unique and has helped many from around the world. Enjoy your time in uncovering more then you can even imagine.
00:00 / 04:33
45 Minutes-
New Beginning- Getting Over A Relationship Guided Meditation
This guided therapeutic process is made specific for those who are experiencing negative emotions directly linked to a relationship break-up. Be prepared to experience a shift and a new world through new understanding. Open your mind, heart and an opportunity for truth.
PREVIEW- New Beginnings- Release- Gettin
00:00 / 05:18
43 Minutes-
Unspoken- Breaking The Silence- Guided Meditation
A great guided session by Lilian for anyone who has unresolved issues with someone in their life currently or from the past. Having negativity linger within can cause many unwanted side effects which can harm your mind, body and spirit. A powerful time awaits where you have an opportunity to move past the hurt, pain and agony. Finally a real process toward releasing all pent up negative energy and an opportunity toward real resolve.
Preview-Unspoken- Breaking The Silence (
00:00 / 05:41
60 Minutes-
THE SHIFT: A Rise In Consciousness
This guided process is for anyone who wishes to explore other states of awareness through one technique found to assist individuals expand their perceptions, increase their vibratory state and allow for a shift to occur within a physical reality usually based in Ego. This process is easily adopted by other awareness' brought to the surface for a new understanding. Lilian simply assists you in experiencing other conscious states usually unconscious until now. Continued use of this guided process will not only strengthen one's ability to alter their state of awareness, but on demand, shift ones' vibrational state allowing for manifestations and new adopted perceptions to take hold. You will be able to experience more of yourself in a profoundly exciting way.
Preview-The Shift-A Rise In Consciousnes
00:00 / 05:05
60 Minutes-
Sleep Companion- Guided Into Deep Sleep with Ocean Background Sound
This guided process is for anyone who wishes to explore other states of awareness through one technique found to assist individuals expand their perceptions, increase their vibratory state and allow for a shift to occur within a physical reality usually based in Ego. This process is easily adopted by other awareness' brought to the surface for a new understanding. Lilian simply assists you in experiencing other conscious states usually unconscious until now. Continued use of this guided process will not only strengthen one's ability to alter their state of awareness, but on demand, shift ones' vibrational state allowing for manifestations and new adopted perceptions to take hold. You will be able to experience more of yourself in a profoundly exciting way.
Preview-Sleep Companion - Deep Sleep Gui
00:00 / 04:54
30 Minutes-
NEW YOU - Letting Go Of Yesterday Guided by Lilian Eden (With Background Sound)
This process is for you if: *If you need to be reminded of your purpose in this life* Therapeutic purpose *If you are open to exploring other truths beside the one you have carried with you for far too long * If you are looking for more in life and find what is, is no longer valid* If you are anxious, depressed, not living life to the fullest* If you wish to understand life without your thinking head getting in the way* If you finally want to break free of your old life, this mp3 is for you.
Preview-New You- Letting Go Of Yesterday
00:00 / 04:44
50 Minutes-
FUTURE LIFE PROGRESSION- Moving Forward  (with Background Sound)
Future progressions are safe and offers a great window to what lies ahead in and all around you. A new realm awaits you...RECOMMENDED: Lilian Eden's "Past-Life Regression- Looking For Answers" and "New Quest: Past-Life Regression" now available on Amazon and
Preview-Future Life Progression with Lil
00:00 / 04:59
45 Minutes-
        MEET YOUR POWER ANIMAL- Animal Guide With Lilian Eden
Lilian Eden guides you into a relaxed state to prepare you for an altered state of awareness where you will meet your power animal/animal guide(s). A gentle shift in awareness is processed in the most natural way, using nature's raw energy source as a conduit. Lilian eases your awareness slowly into a natural source flow where you will experience a unique process of existence/communication. Eden's approach is used to open a certain channel/perception where your power animal/animal guide(s) can come through. Working with energy, Lilian Eden offers a technical and practical approach to shifting levels of awareness or consciousness.
Preview-Meet Your Power Animal
00:00 / 04:38
130 Minutes-
        HEALING JOURNEY- Beyond Today Guided By Lilian Eden
A guided meditation used as a support system by people from around the world. If you or anyone you know is suffering from pain- psychologically, physically and spiritually, this guided mediation is made for you.
Preview-Healing Journey- Beyond Today.m4
00:00 / 04:53
45 Minutes-
        Heaven's Gate- ANGEL MESSAGES Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden
Lilian Eden has beautifully blended a process where you can make contact and receive incredible messages from the angelic realm. Along with being guided by Lilian, hypnotic sounds support your journey through angelic communication: This powerful guided tour encourages you to open you heart, mind and Spirit further allowing you to receive angelic insights, information and experiences. If you would like guidance or more insight into your direction in life, or if you wish to receive a special message from an angel, this process is for you.
Preview- Heaven's Gate- Angel Messages w
00:00 / 04:41
60 Minutes-
Lilian guides you into a relaxed state followed by channeled information toward new understanding of Self. A shift in perception or dimension where you can tune into how you vibrate. Vibrating from a place of 'one-ness' or from a fragmented place which is and has dis-empowered you. The illusion of duality, separateness and restrictions are finally removed through truth. An opportunity to learn more about yourself as an observer and the actor in this physical world. Linking together a fragmentation of Self, Other and All there is...
Preview-Good Vibrations- Mind, Power and
00:00 / 05:05
55 Minutes-
        Vision Quest- Deep Exploration Guided By Lilian Eden
 Eden's Vision Quest, a timeless symbolic pilgrimage toward personal power, a spot for inner guidance and clarity. This unique and very popular guided meditation can be a life transforming experience for those who are seeking more in their lives. People from all walks of life have received tremendous benefits from this time-honored ritual. Congratulations to you for taking a step toward greater awareness and understanding about yourself and the 'world' around you... Enjoy.
Preview- Vision Quest- Deep Exploration.
00:00 / 04:35
55 Minutes-
        VISION QUEST 2- A NATIVE'S WAY- Smoke Speak/Sacred Journey
                     with Lilian Eden
 In addition to Lilian's guidance, there are soothing hypnotic sounds, drum beating and flute playing. This title has been specifically designed with the journeyer in mind. A time to discover your sacred connection, your destiny, your life's mission/purpose and more through this very unique American Indian vision quest ritual. * This mp3 is based on Native American Indian rituals in preparation for a Vision Quest. Certain main elements from such a preparation have been included in this video/mp3. * A very unique and potentially life changing experience awaits you...
00:00 / 04:35
60 Minutes-
   THE ART OF DREAMING- Vivid Exploration Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden
 Lilian guides you into a relaxed state followed by opening of 3 major areas of the Psyche. Within 20 minutes you will be prepared for dream work/journeying/exploration. Unique background sound aids in your dream work/'sleep' throughout the 60 minutes. Ideal for those who wish to fall into a state of sleep while activating new awareness for dream recording.
Preview-THE ART OF DREAMING- Vivid Explo
00:00 / 04:59
25 Minutes-
   THE ART OF MEDITATION- The Beginning (Guided Meditation for beginners) -
Great mp3 for anyone who is new to passive meditation. Lilian guides you in a way that gives you a solid foundation for your mediation practice. A wonderful guided journey giving you basic techniques which you can use in any guided or noon-guided meditation process. This mp3 has been produced with a beginner in mind.
Preview- The Art Of Meditation- The Begi
00:00 / 04:53
32 Minutes-
Lilian provides you with a wonderful tool created for all who understand the power of manifesting through the early morning's sunrise. The most potent time of the day to direct your powerful transformative desires/needs/wants to the living universe directly and effectively. A very powerful tool, one of many, used to give you direct results in the physical world upon completing this process. This is one guided meditation that can change your life forever.
00:00 / 04:53
10 Minutes-
       GROUNDING YOUR ENERGY Process Guided with Lilian Eden
Grounding your energy is a very great way to restore, re-balance, re-vitalize positively, our energetic systems on all levels. Anyone from all walks of life can utilize this must have technique anytime, anywhere. If you work with others, are sensitive, have experienced very stressful times, carry negativity, feel out of sorts, nervous, spacey, confused, uneasy, anxious or are in self development, this is the perfect tool/technique/process to use. It’s easy, takes less than 10 minutes and very effective/affective
Preview- Grouding Your Energy- guided by
00:00 / 02:05
30 Minutes-
       Finding Your Inner Voice- A Guided Process With Lilian Eden
Lilian assists you toward a deeper, more profound experience, in uncovering your unique subtle voice working alongside you in this life time. An innate system for you to explore while understanding your senses in a new way. Primarily focused upon your strongest sense, this mp3 is a tool for life to help you, guide you in a concrete way. Lilian introduces you to an energetic world of processing and communication alongside exercises to help you truly understand this innate voice unique to you.
Preview- Finding Your Inner Voice- Guide
00:00 / 05:05
60 Minutes-
               AWAKENING SPIRIT -
     Sacred Drumming with Flute Sounds for Meditation (No Voice)
Preview- AWAKENING SPIRIT - Sacred Dru
00:00 / 01:02
60 Minutes-
       SOARING SPIRIT- NATIVE DRUMMING SOUNDS For Deep Meditation By Lilian Eden
PREVIEW- Soaring Spirit - Native Drummin
00:00 / 00:13
30 Minutes-
       BRINGERS OF A NEW DAWN- Working With An Ever Changing World-Guided Meditation by Lilian Eden
This particular, very specific mp3, was created by Lilian Eden to bring about a positive flow working toward balancing energetic centers on this planet/universe. Lilian heeded a call to bring certain individuals to this process to work on letting go of energies producing fear/anger/worry/control. This is not who we are, and how we function in this physical reality. No. A call has been made to us all based upon aiding in shifting the energetic centers of this world in a positive way. The way of creativity, expansion and growth through light/love. It has been 'one-sided' and now you can bring in a greater level of balance, re-adjustments by doing your part here
00:00 / 02:29
60 Minutes-
       ZEN ZONE By Lilian Eden ( Relaxing Music/Water Flow- No Voice)
Lilian Eden's latest release is specifically designed for relaxation, sleep, meditation, spa or any other practice promoting peace/bliss from the inside out. Enjoy this wonderful hour of soothing sounds to uplift your Spirit. This Mp3 will leave leave you feeling centered, relaxed and at peace. Very pure. Very simple. Very zen.
Preview- Zen Zone
00:00 / 03:01
23 Minutes-
      (For Children) CALMING AND RE-CENTERING ENERGY FOR CHILDREN Guided Meditation By Lilian Eden
Lilian is introducing a new series for children! Great for any child who could use a loving tool toward obtaining inner peace, calm and rejuvenation. Eden guides the child through a wonderful peaceful journey starting with a unique way to bring star light into quieting the child's body and mind, then proceeding with a journey through a magical parkland.
00:00 / 05:27
60 Minutes-
(8 Minutes of guidance)
00:00 / 04:22
60 Minutes-
SOUND MAGIC- Beyond The Physical World (Angelic/Ocean Waves/Sounds only)
Preview-SOUND MAGIC- Beyond The Physica
00:00 / 03:38
60 Minutes
HEALING SOUNDS FOR THE HEART- (No Voice - Soothing Background Sounds)
00:00 / 03:44
3 Hours :
 DEEP SLEEP- A Spirit's Night Journey 
Preview- Deep Sleep- A Spirit's Night Jo
00:00 / 06:13
30 Minutes
Powerful sound of creation, "OM" chanting, a great meditation companion, . OM chants can take you deep into a meditative state and can also be used to induce calm, tranquility, deep relaxation. Great for healing work, cleansing work, meditation and may help as a sleep aid.
00:00 / 03:34
40 Minutes-
      (With Music) YOGIC SLEEP - NIDRA YOGA 
with Lilian Eden
Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Lilian instructs the listener’s body toward deep relaxation, while systematically and increasingly assisting the listener toward increasing awareness of his/her inner world by following a set of verbal instructions. The Yogic Sleep process has been found to reduce tension and anxiety. The autonomic symptoms of high anxiety such as headache, giddiness, chest pain, palpitations, sweating and abdominal pain respond well. It has been used to help soldiers from war cope with PTSD.
NOTE: This is not an mp3 for deep sleep as you will be counted up to full wake state. Please look into Yoga Nidra Yogic Sleep for more information ;)
Preview- Yogic Sleep (Nidra Yoga) with L
00:00 / 05:18
60 Minutes-
Instrumental music soothes the Spirit while ocean waves and rain take your Soul on an inner journey. Great for sleeping, meditation, eliminate stress/anxiety/worry. Headphones recommended along with turning of any other distractions. Enjoy.
Preview-Escape-Banish Stress
00:00 / 03:03
20 Minutes-
Balancing Body and Mind
Guided Meditation with Lilian Eden
A guided meditation toward Balancing Mind/Body/Spirit takes you into a new kind of perceptual reality - where the invisible becomes visible and the intangible (information of all kinds) becomes real. By utilizing this guided process, you will find life bringing to you amazing insights/new awareness'. In a balanced way, you will find yourself being guided, protected while you simultaneously awaken the intuitive guidance system. .
00:00 / 01:49
2 Hours
      (2 HRS-SOUND ONLY) Connecting With The Cosmos - 
Cosmic Sounds (please preview with earbuds/headphones
Preview- (2 HRS-SOUND ONLY) Connecting W
00:00 / 03:27
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