Working with Lilian Eden and your session

         Is this the right coaching/consultation session for me?

  • Are you moved to explore the deeper, sub-conscious energy fueling your life which is asking to come to light?

  • Are you ready to allow greater awareness on how your past has been shaping your life? To understand more about you?

  • Are you enthusiastic to learn more about how you can live a greater fulfilled life ahead?

  • Are you ready to let go of the past patterns and implement new awareness, new ways of living your life?

  • Are you ready to awaken the dormant part of you? Apart of you that has you here right now?

  • Are you willing to open your heart for healing?  If you answered “yes”, please proceed to schedule a session that’s right for you.  Please note:  Lilian contacts all clients who schedule a phone session, Skype session and of course, e-mail sessions.  Please ensure you forward the correct contact information, contact number or e-mail for your session date/time.  You can utilize the information section on the scheduler to forward your information and/or please e-mail your information to or  Your information will remain confidential and will be forwarded to Lilian Eden for your session.


Mediumship Session:  Connect with your departed loved ones through Mediumship. Lilian prepares to be a conduit or bridge between this world and the hereafter. Lilian's ability to bridge the vibrational distance between the physical and spiritual planes allows her to communicate with those who have crossed over.  Sessions can be conducted by Phone, E-mail or Skype.  Please specify your preference at the time of scheduling a session. 


Psychic/Intuive Sessions and E-mail Sessions - Please ensure you pass along 2-3 most pressing issues/questions for your consultation/session along with your contact information.  You can forward the information along with your contact number to or  There is also an area available upon scheduling a session  (notes area) where you can add the information directly upon scheduling your session.  Liilan will review your information.  Thank you.


PREPARING for your psychic/mediumistic session- 

The evening before your session please consume little or no alcohol and plenty of water. In addition, ask the universe to help you open your  mind/heart to receive messages/insights from the spirit world. On the day of your session, try to be as relaxed as possible & stress free. The more relaxed & open minded you are  the more insights you will be able to understand without bias.  For all first time sitters/clients, please understand you may be nervous as this is completely normal. Enjoy your session and celebrate knowing life never dies but simply transforms into other states existence.  Celebrate in knowing you are never alone.  Guidance is a conversation away. :)

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